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Jon Ihlefeld
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A strain-driven morphotropic phase boundary in BiFeO3
RJ Zeches, MD Rossell, JX Zhang, AJ Hatt, Q He, CH Yang, A Kumar, ...
science 326 (5955), 977-980, 2009
Photovoltaic effects in
SY Yang, LW Martin, SJ Byrnes, TE Conry, SR Basu, D Paran, L Reichertz, ...
Applied Physics Letters 95 (6), 062909, 2009
Realizing optical magnetism from dielectric metamaterials
JC Ginn, I Brener, DW Peters, JR Wendt, JO Stevens, PF Hines, LI Basilio, ...
Physical review letters 108 (9), 097402, 2012
Optical band gap of grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
JF Ihlefeld, NJ Podraza, ZK Liu, RC Rai, X Xu, T Heeg, YB Chen, J Li, ...
Applied physics letters 92 (14), 142908, 2008
Linear and nonlinear optical properties of
A Kumar, RC Rai, NJ Podraza, S Denev, M Ramirez, YH Chu, LW Martin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (12), 121915, 2008
Optical magnetic mirrors without metals
S Liu, MB Sinclair, TS Mahony, YC Jun, S Campione, J Ginn, DA Bender, ...
Optica 1 (4), 250-256, 2014
Dysprosium-doped cadmium oxide as a gateway material for mid-infrared plasmonics
E Sachet, CT Shelton, JS Harris, BE Gaddy, DL Irving, S Curtarolo, ...
Nature materials 14 (4), 414-420, 2015
Experimental investigation of size effects on the thermal conductivity of silicon-germanium alloy thin films
R Cheaito, JC Duda, TE Beechem, K Hattar, JF Ihlefeld, DL Medlin, ...
Physical review letters 109 (19), 195901, 2012
Copper compatible barium titanate thin films for embedded passives
J Ihlefeld, B Laughlin, A Hunt-Lowery, W Borland, A Kingon, JP Maria
Journal of Electroceramics 14 (2), 95-102, 2005
Processing technologies for highpermittivity thin films in capacitor applications
GL Brennecka, JF Ihlefeld, JP Maria, BA Tuttle, PG Clem
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 93 (12), 3935-3954, 2010
Scaling effects in perovskite ferroelectrics: fundamental limits and processstructureproperty relations
JF Ihlefeld, DT Harris, R Keech, JL Jones, JP Maria, S TrolierMcKinstry
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 99 (8), 2537-2557, 2016
Adsorption-controlled molecular-beam epitaxial growth of
JF Ihlefeld, A Kumar, V Gopalan, DG Schlom, YB Chen, XQ Pan, T Heeg, ...
Applied Physics Letters 91 (7), 071922, 2007
Electronic origin of ultrafast photoinduced strain in BiFeO 3
H Wen, P Chen, MP Cosgriff, DA Walko, JH Lee, C Adamo, RD Schaller, ...
Physical review letters 110 (3), 037601, 2013
Thin film dielectrics for capacitors and methods of making thereof
WJ Borland, JF Ihlefeld, AI Kingon, JP Maria
US Patent 7,029,971, 2006
Room-temperature voltage tunable phonon thermal conductivity via reconfigurable interfaces in ferroelectric thin films
JF Ihlefeld, BM Foley, DA Scrymgeour, JR Michael, BB McKenzie, ...
Nano letters 15 (3), 1791-1795, 2015
Magnon sidebands and spin-charge coupling in bismuth ferrite probed by nonlinear optical spectroscopy
MO Ramirez, A Kumar, SA Denev, NJ Podraza, XS Xu, RC Rai, YH Chu, ...
Physical Review B 79 (22), 224106, 2009
Fast LithiumIon Conducting ThinFilm Electrolytes Integrated Directly on Flexible Substrates for HighPower SolidState Batteries
JF Ihlefeld, PG Clem, BL Doyle, PG Kotula, KR Fenton, CA Apblett
Advanced Materials 23 (47), 5663-5667, 2011
Thermal boundary conductance accumulation and interfacial phonon transmission: Measurements and theory
R Cheaito, JT Gaskins, ME Caplan, BF Donovan, BM Foley, A Giri, ...
Physical Review B 91 (3), 035432, 2015
Tunable band gap in films
XS Xu, JF Ihlefeld, JH Lee, OK Ezekoye, E Vlahos, R Ramesh, V Gopalan, ...
Applied Physics Letters 96 (19), 192901, 2010
Ferroelectric response from lead zirconate titanate thin films prepared directly on low-resistivity copper substrates
MD Losego, LH Jimison, JF Ihlefeld, JP Maria
Applied Physics Letters 86 (17), 172906, 2005
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