zhanghui kuang
zhanghui kuang
Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong
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Optical Flow Guided Feature: A Fast and Robust Motion Representation for Video Action Recognition
WZ Shuyang Sun, Zhanghui Kuang , Wanli Ouyang, Lu Sheng
CVPR, 2018
Markov weight fields for face sketch synthesis
H Zhou, Z Kuang, KYK Wong
2012 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 1091-1097, 2012
Deeply learned rich coding for cross-dataset facial age estimation
Z Kuang, C Huang, W Zhang
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision …, 2015
Learning image-specific parameters for interactive segmentation
Z Kuang, D Schnieders, H Zhou, KYK Wong, Y Yu, B Peng
2012 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 590-597, 2012
Discrete particle swarm optimization based on estimation of distribution for polygonal approximation problems
J Wang, Z Kuang, X Xu, Y Zhou
Expert Systems with Applications 36 (5), 9398-9408, 2009
Fashion Retrieval via Graph Reasoning Networks on a Similarity Pyramid
Z Kuang, Y Gao, G Li, P Luo, Y Chen, L Lin, W Zhang
ICCV 2019, 2019
Fast Video Shot Transition Localization with Deep Structured Models
WZ Shitao Tang, Litong Feng, Zhangkui Kuang, Yimin Chen
ACCV, 2018
Geometry Normalization Networks for Accurate Scene Text Detection
Y Xu, J Duan, Z Kuang, X Yue, H Sun, Y Guan, W Zhang
ICCV 2019, 2019
Extractive Video Summarizer with Memory Augmented Neural Networks
WZ Litong Feng, Ziyin Li, Zhanghui Kuang
ACM MM, 2018
Data-Driven Neuron Allocation for Scale Aggregation Networks
WZ Yi Li, Zhanghui Kuang, Yimin Chen
CVPR, 2019
Context-aware rcnn: A baseline for action detection in videos
J Wu, Z Kuang, L Wang, W Zhang, G Wu
European Conference on Computer Vision, 440-456, 2020
Robustscanner: Dynamically enhancing positional clues for robust text recognition
X Yue, Z Kuang, C Lin, H Sun, W Zhang
European Conference on Computer Vision, 135-151, 2020
Relatively-paired space analysis: Learning a latent common space from relatively-paired observations
Z Kuang, KYK Wong
International Journal of Computer Vision 113 (3), 176-192, 2015
A chaotic neural network combined heuristic strategy for multidimensional Knapsack problem
Y Zhou, Z Kuang, J Wang
International Symposium on Intelligence Computation and Applications, 715-722, 2008
Learning efficient detector with semi-supervised adaptive distillation
S Tang, L Feng, W Shao, Z Kuang, W Zhang, Y Chen
arXiv preprint arXiv:1901.00366, 2019
Temporal Sequence Distillation: Towards Few-Frame Action Recognition in Videos
Z Zhang, Z Kuang, P Luo, L Feng, W Zhang
ACM MM, 2018
Learning local similarity with spatial relations for object retrieval
Z Chen, Z Kuang, W Zhang, KYK Wong
Proceedings of the 27th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, 1703-1711, 2019
Aggregated deep feature from activation clusters for particular object retrieval
Z Chen, Z Kuang, KYK Wong, W Zhang
Proceedings of the on Thematic Workshops of ACM Multimedia 2017, 44-51, 2017
Incdet: In defense of elastic weight consolidation for incremental object detection
L Liu, Z Kuang, Y Chen, JH Xue, W Yang, W Zhang
IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems, 2020
Boosting up Scene Text Detectors with Guided CNN
X Yue, Z Kuang, Z Zhang, Z Chen, P He, Y Qiao, W Zhang
BMVC, 2018
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