Giri Raj Joshi
Giri Raj Joshi
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Enhanced thermoelectric figure-of-merit in nanostructured p-type silicon germanium bulk alloys
G Joshi, H Lee, Y Lan, X Wang, G Zhu, D Wang, RW Gould, DC Cuff, ...
Nano letters 8 (12), 4670-4674, 2008
Enhanced thermoelectric figure of merit in nanostructured -type silicon germanium bulk alloy
XW Wang, H Lee, YC Lan, GH Zhu, G Joshi, DZ Wang, J Yang, AJ Muto, ...
Applied Physics Letters 93 (19), 193121, 2008
Experimental Studies on Anisotropic Thermoelectric Properties and Structures of n-Type Bi2Te2.7Se0.3
X Yan, B Poudel, Y Ma, WS Liu, G Joshi, H Wang, Y Lan, D Wang, ...
Nano letters 10 (9), 3373-3378, 2010
Power factor enhancement by modulation doping in bulk nanocomposites
M Zebarjadi, G Joshi, G Zhu, B Yu, A Minnich, Y Lan, X Wang, ...
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Enhanced thermoelectric figure of merit of p-type half-Heuslers
X Yan, G Joshi, W Liu, Y Lan, H Wang, S Lee, JW Simonson, SJ Poon, ...
Nano Letters 11 (2), 556-560, 2011
Increased phonon scattering by nanograins and point defects in nanostructured silicon with a low concentration of germanium
GH Zhu, H Lee, YC Lan, XW Wang, G Joshi, DZ Wang, J Yang, ...
Physical review letters 102 (19), 196803, 2009
Enhancement in thermoelectric figureofmerit of an Ntype halfHeusler compound by the nanocomposite approach
G Joshi, X Yan, H Wang, W Liu, G Chen, Z Ren
Advanced Energy Materials 1 (4), 643-647, 2011
Modeling study of thermoelectric SiGe nanocomposites
AJ Minnich, H Lee, XW Wang, G Joshi, MS Dresselhaus, ZF Ren, G Chen, ...
Physical Review B 80 (15), 155327, 2009
NbFeSb-based p-type half-Heuslers for power generation applications
G Joshi, R He, M Engber, G Samsonidze, T Pantha, E Dahal, K Dahal, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (12), 4070-4076, 2014
High-temperature and high-power-density nanostructured thermoelectric generator for automotive waste heat recovery
Y Zhang, M Cleary, X Wang, N Kempf, L Schoensee, J Yang, G Joshi, ...
Energy Conversion and Management 105, 946-950, 2015
Enhancement of thermoelectric figure-of-merit at low temperatures by titanium substitution for hafnium in n-type half-Heuslers Hf0. 75− xTixZr0. 25NiSn0. 99Sb0. 01
G Joshi, T Dahal, S Chen, H Wang, J Shiomi, G Chen, Z Ren
Nano Energy 2 (1), 82-87, 2013
Understanding of the contact of nanostructured thermoelectric n-type Bi 2 Te 2.7 Se 0.3 legs for power generation applications
W Liu, H Wang, L Wang, X Wang, G Joshi, G Chen, Z Ren
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (42), 13093-13100, 2013
Theoretical studies on the thermoelectric figure of merit of nanograined bulk silicon
Q Hao, G Zhu, G Joshi, X Wang, A Minnich, Z Ren, G Chen
Applied Physics Letters 97 (6), 063109, 2010
Effect of selenium deficiency on the thermoelectric properties of -type InSe compounds
GH Zhu, YC Lan, H Wang, G Joshi, Q Hao, G Chen, ZF Ren
Physical Review B 83 (11), 115201, 2011
Methods for high figure-of-merit in nanostructured thermoelectric materials
Z Ren, B Poudel, G Chen, Y Lan, D Wang, Q Hao, M Dresselhaus, Y Ma, ...
US Patent 8,865,995, 2014
Experimental determination of the Lorenz number in CuBiTeSe and BiSb
KC Lukas, WS Liu, G Joshi, M Zebarjadi, MS Dresselhaus, ZF Ren, ...
Physical Review B 85 (20), 205410, 2012
Nanocomposites to enhance ZT in thermoelectrics
M Dresselhaus, G Chen, Z Ren, JP Fleurial, P Gogna, MY Tang, ...
MRS Online Proceedings Library Archive 1044, 2007
International round-robin study of the thermoelectric transport properties of an n-Type half-heusler compound from 300 K to 773 K
H Wang, S Bai, L Chen, A Cuenat, G Joshi, H Kleinke, J König, HW Lee, ...
Journal of Electronic Materials 44 (11), 4482-4491, 2015
Nanostructured Thermoelectric Skutterudite Co1− x Ni x Sb3 Alloys
Q He, Q Hao, X Wang, J Yang, Y Lan, X Yan, B Yu, Y Ma, B Poudel, ...
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 8 (8), 4003-4006, 2008
Yucheng Lan, Xiaowei Wang, Gaohua Zhu, Dezhi Wang, Ryan W. Gould, Diana C. Cuff, Ming Y. Tang, Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Gang Chen, and Zhifeng Ren. Enhanced thermoelectric …
G Joshi, H Lee
Nano letters 8 (12), 4670-4674, 2008
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