Jacob T. Robinson
Jacob T. Robinson
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Particle swarm optimization in electromagnetics
J Robinson, Y Rahmat-Samii
IEEE transactions on antennas and propagation 52 (2), 397-407, 2004
Vertical silicon nanowires as a universal platform for delivering biomolecules into living cells
AK Shalek, JT Robinson, ES Karp, JS Lee, DR Ahn, MH Yoon, A Sutton, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (5), 1870-1875, 2010
Vertical nanowire electrode arrays as a scalable platform for intracellular interfacing to neuronal circuits
JT Robinson, M Jorgolli, AK Shalek, MH Yoon, RS Gertner, H Park
Nature nanotechnology 7 (3), 180-184, 2012
Particle swarm, genetic algorithm, and their hybrids: optimization of a profiled corrugated horn antenna
J Robinson, S Sinton, Y Rahmat-Samii
IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium (IEEE Cat. No …, 2002
Low loss etchless silicon photonic waveguides
J Cardenas, CB Poitras, JT Robinson, K Preston, L Chen, M Lipson
Optics express 17 (6), 4752-4757, 2009
On-chip gas detection in silicon optical microcavities
JT Robinson, L Chen, M Lipson
Optics Express 16 (6), 4296-4301, 2008
Ultrasmall mode volumes in dielectric optical microcavities
JT Robinson, C Manolatou, L Chen, M Lipson
Physical review letters 95 (14), 143901, 2005
First-principle derivation of gain in high-index-contrast waveguides
JT Robinson, K Preston, O Painter, M Lipson
Optics express 16 (21), 16659-16669, 2008
Optical nonreciprocity in optomechanical structures
S Manipatruni, JT Robinson, M Lipson
Physical review letters 102 (21), 213903, 2009
Systematic discovery of TLR signaling components delineates viral-sensing circuits
N Chevrier, P Mertins, MN Artyomov, AK Shalek, M Iannacone, ...
Cell 147 (4), 853-867, 2011
Molecular machines open cell membranes
V García-López, F Chen, LG Nilewski, G Duret, A Aliyan, AB Kolomeisky, ...
Nature 548 (7669), 567-572, 2017
Nanowire-mediated delivery enables functional interrogation of primary immune cells: application to the analysis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
AK Shalek, JT Gaublomme, L Wang, N Yosef, N Chevrier, MS Andersen, ...
Nano letters 12 (12), 6498-6504, 2012
Inducing photonic transitions between discrete modes in a silicon optical microcavity
P Dong, SF Preble, JT Robinson, S Manipatruni, M Lipson
Physical review letters 100 (3), 033904, 2008
Single-frame 3D fluorescence microscopy with ultraminiature lensless FlatScope
JK Adams, V Boominathan, BW Avants, DG Vercosa, F Ye, RG Baraniuk, ...
Science advances 3 (12), e1701548, 2017
Role of radiation and surface plasmon polaritons in the optical interactions between a nano-slit and a nano-groove on a metal surface
L Chen, JT Robinson, M Lipson
Optics express 14 (26), 12629-12636, 2006
Nanowire electrodes for high-density stimulation and measurement of neural circuits
JT Robinson, M Jorgolli, H Park
Frontiers in neural circuits 7, 38, 2013
Silicon-waveguide-coupled high-Q chalcogenide microspheres
DH Broaddus, MA Foster, IH Agha, JT Robinson, M Lipson, AL Gaeta
Optics express 17 (8), 5998-6003, 2009
Stretchable photonic crystal cavity with wide frequency tunability
CL Yu, H Kim, N De Leon, IW Frank, JT Robinson, M McCutcheon, M Liu, ...
Nano letters 13 (1), 248-252, 2013
Imaging highly confined modes in sub-micron scale silicon waveguides using transmission-based near-field scanning optical microscopy
JT Robinson, SF Preble, M Lipson
Optics express 14 (22), 10588-10595, 2006
Fluidic microactuation of flexible electrodes for neural recording
F Vitale, DG Vercosa, AV Rodriguez, SS Pamulapati, F Seibt, E Lewis, ...
Nano letters 18 (1), 326-335, 2018
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