Sai Santosh Kumar Raavi
Sai Santosh Kumar Raavi
Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
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Plasmonic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using Core− Shell Metal− Insulator Nanoparticles
MD Brown, T Suteewong, RSS Kumar, V D’Innocenzo, A Petrozza, M Lee, ...
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Ultrafast Dynamics of Exciton Fission in Polycrystalline Pentacene
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Nonlinear absorption and scattering properties of cadmium sulphide nanocrystals with its application as a potential optical limiter
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Influence of Ion Induced Local Coulomb Field and Polarity on Charge Generation and Efficiency in Poly (3Hexylthiophene)Based SolidState DyeSensitized Solar Cells
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Ultrafast energy transfer in ultrathin organic donor/acceptor blend
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The effect of selective interactions at the interface of polymer–oxide hybrid solar cells
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Boosting Infrared Light Harvesting by Molecular Functionalization of Metal Oxide/Polymer Interfaces in Efficient Hybrid Solar Cells
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Nonlinear Optical Absorption and Switching Properties of Gold Nanoparticle Doped SiO2TiO2 SolGel Films
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Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Mesoionic Oxyallyl Derivatives: Enhanced Non-Resonant Third Order Optical Nonlinearity in Croconate Dyes
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Synthesis, Optical, Electrochemical, DFT Studies, NLO Properties, and Ultrafast Excited State Dynamics of Carbazole-Induced Phthalocyanine Derivatives
S Bhattacharya, C Biswas, SSK Raavi, J Venkata Suman Krishna, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (17), 11118-11133, 2019
Femtosecond laser direct writing of gratings and waveguides in high quantum efficiency erbium-doped Baccarat glass
KC Vishnubhatla, SV Rao, R Kumar, R Osellame, SNB Bhaktha, S Turrell, ...
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Nonlinear optical properties of alkyl phthalocyanines in the femtosecond, nanosecond, and cw excitation regimes
RSS Kumar, SV Raob, L Giribabu, DN Rao
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Broadband supercontinuum generation in a single potassium di-hydrogen phosphate (KDP) crystal achieved in tandem with sum frequency generation
RSS Kumar, SS Harsha, DN Rao
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Enhanced Electrocaloric Effect and Energy Storage Density of Nd-Substituted 0.92NBT-0.08BT Lead Free Ceramic
KR Kandula, K Banerjee, SSK Raavi, S Asthana
Physica Status Solidi A: Applications and Materials Science 1700915, 1-5, 2018
Control over relaxor, piezo-photocatalytic and energy storage properties in Na0. 5Bi0. 5TiO3 via processing methodologies
G Cilaveni, KVA Kumar, SSK Raavi, C Subrahmanyam, S Asthana
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 798, 540-552, 2019
Effect of polymer morphology on P3HT-based solid-state dye sensitized solar cells: an ultrafast spectroscopic investigation
R Sai Santosh Kumar, G Grancini, A Petrozza, A Abrusci, HJ Snaith, ...
Optics Express 21 (103), A469-A474, 2013
Primary photo-events in a metastable photomerocyanine of spirooxazines
R Kumar, L Lüer, D Polli, M Garbugli, G Lanzani
Optical Materials Express 1 (2), 293-304, 2011
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