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Nikolay Busleev
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Large-Scale Laser Fabrication of Antifouling Silicon-Surface Nanosheet Arrays via Nanoplasmonic Ablative Self-Organization in Liquid CS2 Tracked by a Sulfur …
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Topological transition from deeply sub-to near-wavelength ripples during multi-shot mid-IR femtosecond laser exposure of a silicon surface
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Symmetry-wise nanopatterning and plasmonic excitation of ring-like gold nanoholes by structured femtosecond laser pulses with different polarizations
SI Kudryashov, PA Danilov, AP Porfirev, IN Saraeva, AA Rudenko, ...
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Polarization-Sensitive Surface-Enhanced In Situ Photoluminescence Spectroscopy of S. aureus Bacteria on Gold Nanospikes
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NI Busleev, SI Kudryashov, AA Ionin
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Direct Multiphoton Femtosecond Infrared Laser Excitation of a Diamond Lattice in the Two-Phonon Region and Modification of Color Centers
NA Smirnov, YS Gulina, NI Busleev, PP Pakholchuk, AV Gorevoi, VG Vins, ...
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Multipoint ignition of a gas mixture by a microwave subcritical discharge with an extended streamer structure
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Relation between Birefringence Parameters and the Hierarchical Spatial Structure of Microtracks Induced in the Bulk of Fused Silica by Ultrashort Laser Pulses
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Unveiling the beauty of darkened soda-lime glass through infrared femtosecond laser processing
N Busleev, N Smirnov, V Kesaev, S Kudryashov
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Few percent efficient polarization-sensitive conversion in nonlinear plasmonic interactions inside oligomeric gold structures
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Ultrafast Broadband Diagnostics of the Filling of the s Band at the Two-Photon Femtosecond Laser Excitation of a Gold Film
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KV Aleksandrov, NI Busleev, LP Grachev, II Esakov, AA Ravaev
Technical Physics 63, 1468-1472, 2018
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