Jiun-Chan Yang
Jiun-Chan Yang
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Broadband plasmonic microlenses based on patches of nanoholes
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Using the angle-dependent resonances of molded plasmonic crystals to improve the sensitivities of biosensors
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JC Yang, PK Dutta
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Nox sensor with improved selectivity and sensitivity
JC Yang
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Compact electrochemical bifunctional NOx/O2 sensors with internal reference for high temperature applications
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High temperature total NOx sensor
PK Dutta, JC Yang
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Nanoporous zeolite and solid-state electrochemical devices for nitrogen-oxide sensing
JC Yang
The Ohio State University, 2007
Surface Plasmon Biosensing with 3d Plasmonic Crystals
JY Lin, JC Yang, H Gao, TW Odom
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High temperature total NO x sensor
PK Dutta, J Yang
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