Elena Kuzmin
Elena Kuzmin
Post Doctoral Fellow, Goodman Cancer Research Centre, McGill University
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A global genetic interaction network maps a wiring diagram of cellular function
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KIBRA (WWC1) Is a Metastasis Suppressor Gene Affected by Chromosome 5q Loss in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
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Exploring whole-genome duplicate gene retention with complex genetic interaction analysis
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Synthetic Genetic Array Analysis
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Synthetic Genetic Arrays: Automation of Yeast Genetics
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CLC-2 CL− channels associates with a cell membrane PKCε/Src kinase signalling module in cardiomyocytes
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τ-SGA: synthetic genetic array analysis for systematically screening and quantifying trigenic interactions in yeast
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Retention of duplicated genes in evolution
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Trigenic Synthetic Genetic Array (τ-SGA) Technique for Complex Interaction Analysis
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Revealing retention mechanisms of duplicated genes and surveying triple mutant genetic interaction space in yeast
E Kuzmin
University of Toronto (Canada), 2016
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