Matthew A Albrecht
Matthew A Albrecht
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Green chemistry and the health implications of nanoparticles
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The cost of autism spectrum disorders
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Lack of reliable evidence for a distinctive ε4− related cognitive phenotype that is independent from clinical diagnostic status: findings from the Australian Imaging …
JK Foster, MA Albrecht, G Savage, NT Lautenschlager, KA Ellis, P Maruff, ...
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Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D is associated with reduced verbal episodic memory in healthy, middle-aged and older adults
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Impact of mild head injury on neuropsychological performance in healthy older adults: longitudinal assessment in the AIBL cohort
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Biospectroscopic imaging provides evidence of hippocampal Zn deficiency and decreased lipid unsaturation in an accelerated aging mouse model
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Probability and magnitude evaluation in schizophrenia
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