Ping-Chun Tsai (蔡秉均)
Ping-Chun Tsai (蔡秉均)
Taiwan Tech, MIT
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Ab initio study of sodium intercalation into disordered carbon
PC Tsai, SC Chung, S Lin, A Yamada
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3, 9763–9768, 2015
Single-particle measurements of electrochemical kinetics in NMC and NCA cathodes for Li-ion batteries
PC Tsai, B Wen, M Wolfman, MJ Choe, MS Pan, L Su, K Thornton, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (4), 860-871, 2018
Air-breathing aqueous sulfur flow battery for ultralow-cost long-duration electrical storage
Z Li, MS Pan, L Su, PC Tsai, AF Badel, JM Valle, SL Eiler, K Xiang, ...
Joule 1 (2), 306-327, 2017
Atomistic structure and ab initio electrochemical properties of Li4Ti5O12 defect spinel for Li ion batteries
PC Tsai, WD Hsu, S Lin
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 161 (3), A439-A444, 2014
OneStep Synthesis of Highly OxygenDeficient Lithium Titanate Oxide with Conformal Amorphous Carbon Coating as Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries
RN Nasara, PC Tsai, S Lin
Advanced Materials Interfaces 4 (15), 2017
Ab initio phase stability and electronic conductivity of the doped-Li4Ti5O12 anode for Li-ion batteries
PC Tsai, RN Nasara, Y Shen, C Liang, Y Chang, WD Hsu, NTT Tran, ...
Acta Materialia, 2019
Dynamics of Hydroxyl Anions Promotes Lithium Ion Conduction in Antiperovskite Li2OHCl
F Wang, HA Evans, K Kim, L Yin, Y Li, PC Tsai, J Liu, SH Lapidus, ...
Chemistry of Materials 32 (19), 8481-8491, 2020
Ultrafast ion transport at a cathode–electrolyte interface and its strong dependence on salt solvation
B Wen, Z Deng, PC Tsai, ZW Lebens-Higgins, LFJ Piper, SP Ong, ...
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Formation of alternating interfacial layers in Au-12Ge/Ni joints
S Lin, M Tsai, PC Tsai, B Hsu
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Integrated investigation of the Li 4 Ti 5 O 12 phase stability
M Asadikiya, Y Zhu, S Gopalan, Y Chuang, P Tsai, RN Nasara, S Lin, ...
Ionics 24 (3), 707-713, 2018
The Effects of Sintering Temperature on the Dielectric Behavior and Magnetic Property of Ferrimagnetic
P Tsai, X Qi, YJ Siao
IEEE transactions on magnetics 49 (7), 4307-4310, 2013
Temperature Dependent Anion Rotational Dynamics Correlated to Cation Transport in Cluster Ion Anti-Perovskites
S Mair, PC Tsai, K Kim, A Chien, J Smith, Y Li, DM Halat, L Yin, D Zhang, ...
240th ECS Meeting (October 10-14, 2021), 2021
Composite layer and lithium-based battery having the same
BJH Wei-Nien Su, Ping-Chun Tsai, Dao-Yi Wang, Chorng-Shyan CHERN
US Patent 17,079,641, 2021
郭錦龍, 蔡秉均
台灣化學工程學會會刊 67 (6), 167, 2021
Tuning Ionic Conductivity in Sodium Anti-Perovskite Ionic Conductors
Y Li, PC Tsai, F Wang, K Kim, D Halat, L Yin, SH Lapidus, NP Balsara, ...
ECS Meeting Abstracts, 945, 2020
Temperature-Dependent Atomistic Dynamics Correlated to Cation Transport in Cluster-Ion Anti-Perovskites
PC Tsai, Y Li, F Wang, K Kim, D Halat, L Yin, SH Lapidus, NP Balsara, ...
ECS Meeting Abstracts, 966-966, 2020
Understanding the Structural Disorder Related to Ionic Conductivity Enhancement in Anti-Perovskite Ion Conductors
F Wang, Y Li, PC Tsai, L Yin, H Evens, K Kim, SH Lapidus, DJ Siegel, ...
ECS Meeting Abstracts, 967, 2020
Probing the Ultrafast Molecular Transport Kinetics in Microscopic/Second Scale
B Wen, Z Deng, P Tsai, Z Lebens-Higgins, LFJ Piper, SP Ong, YM Chiang
ECS Meeting Abstracts, 13, 2020
Investigation of Megahertz Frequency Modulation Effects on Charge and Discharge Behavior of Lithium Ion Batteries
B Wen, P Tsai, YM Chiang
ECS Meeting Abstracts, 424, 2019
Synthesis, Characterization, and Investigation of Non-Arrhenius Behavior in Anti-Perovskite Ion Conductors
F Wang, P Tsai, Y Li, SL Eiler, SB Son, YM Chiang
ECS Meeting Abstracts, 70, 2019
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