Yichong Xu
Yichong Xu
Senior Researcher, Microsoft AI Cognitive Services
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The application of two-level attention models in deep convolutional neural network for fine-grained image classification
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Scale-invariant convolutional neural networks
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Multi-task learning with sample re-weighting for machine reading comprehension
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Dynamic fusion networks for machine reading comprehension
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On strategyproof conference review
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On Strategyproof Conference Peer Review
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Computational issues in time-inconsistent planning
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Fusing context into knowledge graph for commonsense question answering
Y Xu, C Zhu, R Xu, Y Liu, M Zeng, X Huang
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Active learning for graph neural networks via node feature propagation
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Doubletransfer at mediqa 2019: Multi-source transfer learning for natural language understanding in the medical domain
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Dialoglm: Pre-trained model for long dialogue understanding and summarization
M Zhong, Y Liu, Y Xu, C Zhu, M Zeng
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Nonparametric Regression with Comparisons: Escaping the Curse of Dimensionality with Ordinal Information
Y Xu, H Muthakana, S Balakrishnan, A Singh, A Dubrawski
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Zeroth order non-convex optimization with dueling-choice bandits
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Preference-based Reinforcement Learning with Finite-Time Guarantees
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Retrieval Enhanced Model for Commonsense Generation
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Thresholding bandit problem with both duels and pulls
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Regression with comparisons: Escaping the curse of dimensionality with ordinal information
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An Empirical Study of Training End-to-End Vision-and-Language Transformers
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