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Influence of the iron oxide acid-base properties on the chemisorption of model epoxy compounds studied by XPS
J Wielant, T Hauffman, O Blajiev, R Hausbrand, H Terryn
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Study of the self-assembling of n-octylphosphonic acid layers on aluminum oxide
T Hauffman, O Blajiev, J Snauwaert, C van Haesendonck, A Hubin, ...
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Study of the catalyst evolution during annealing preceding the growth of carbon nanotubes by microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition
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ST Abrahami, T Hauffman, JMM de Kok, JMC Mol, H Terryn
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In situ study of the deposition of (ultra) thin organic phosphonic acid layers on the oxide of aluminum
T Hauffman, L Van Lokeren, R Willem, A Hubin, H Terryn
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Molecular Interactions of Electroadsorbed Carboxylic Acid and Succinic Anhydride Monomers on Zinc Surfaces
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A study of the electron transfer inhibition on a charged self-assembled monolayer modified gold electrode by odd random phase multisine electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
LF Macía, M Petrova, T Hauffman, T Muselle, T Doneux, A Hubin
Electrochimica Acta, 2014
Corrosion Study on Al-rich Metal-Coated Steel by Odd Random Phase Multisine Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
A Alvarez-Pampliega, T Hauffman, M Petrova, T Breugelmans, T Muselle, ...
Electrochimica Acta, 2013
In Situ Characterization of the Initial Effect of Water on Molecular Interactions at the Interface of Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Systems
S Pletincx, L Trotochaud, LL Fockaert, JMC Mol, AR Head, O Karslıoğlu, ...
Scientific Reports 7, 45123, 2017
Unravelling the Chemical Influence of Water on the PMMA/Aluminum Oxide Hybrid Interface In Situ
S Pletincx, K Marcoen, L Trotochaud, LL Fockaert, JMC Mol, AR Head, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 13341, 2017
Comprehensive study of the macropore and mesopore size distributions in polymer monoliths using complementary physical characterization techniques and liquid chromatography
S Wouters, T Hauffman, MC Mittelmeijer‐Hazeleger, G Rothenberg, ...
Journal of separation science 39 (23), 4492-4501, 2016
Dynamic, in situ study of self-assembling organic phosphonic acid monolayers from ethanolic solutions on aluminium oxides by means of odd random phase multisine electrochemical …
T Hauffman, Y van Ingelgem, T Breugelmans, E Tourwé, H Terryn, ...
Electrochimica Acta 106, 342-350, 2013
Measuring the adsorption of ethanol on aluminium oxides using odd random phase multisine electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
T Hauffman, T Breugelmans, Y van Ingelgem, E Tourwé, H Terryn, ...
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Electrochemical analysis of the adsorption and desorption behaviors of carboxylic acid and anhydride monomers onto zinc surfaces
P Taheri, T Hauffman, JMC Mol, JR Flores, F Hannour, JHW de Wit, ...
Electrochimica Acta 56 (25), 9317-9323, 2011
The role of acid‐base properties in the interactions across the oxide‐primer interface in aerospace applications
ST Abrahami, T Hauffman, JMM Kok, H Terryn, JMC Mol
Surface and Interface Analysis 48 (8), 712-720, 2016
Protective performance of Zr and Cr based silico-oxynitrides used for dental applications by means of potentiodynamic polarization and odd random phase multisine …
M Dinu, T Hauffman, C Cordioli, A Vladescu, M Braic, A Hubin, CM Cotrut
Corrosion Science 115, 118-128, 2017
Study of the self‐assembling of n‐octylphosphonic acid layers on aluminum oxide from ethanolic solutions
T Hauffman, A Hubin, H Terryn
Surface and Interface Analysis 45 (10), 1435-1440, 2013
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