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Llama 2: Open foundation and fine-tuned chat models
H Touvron*, L Martin, K Stone, ..., T Scialom*
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Bloom: A 176b-parameter open-access multilingual language model
T Le Scao, A Fan, C Akiki, E Pavlick, S Ilić, D Hesslow, R Castagné, ...
Toolformer: Language models can teach themselves to use tools
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Code llama: Open foundation models for code
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Galactica: A large language model for science
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Augmented language models: a survey
G Mialon, R Dessì, M Lomeli, ..., E Grave, Y LeCun, T Scialom
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Unnatural Instructions: Tuning Language Models with (Almost) No Human Labor
O Honovich, T Scialom, O Levy, T Schick
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Questeval: Summarization asks for fact-based evaluation
T Scialom, PA Dray, P Gallinari, S Lamprier, B Piwowarski, J Staiano, ...
EMNLP 2021, 2021
Answers unite! unsupervised metrics for reinforced summarization models
T Scialom, S Lamprier, B Piwowarski, J Staiano
EMNLP 2019, 2019
MLSUM: The Multilingual Summarization Corpus
T Scialom, PA Dray, S Lamprier, B Piwowarski, J Staiano
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TRUE: Re-evaluating Factual Consistency Evaluation
O Honovich, R Aharoni, J Herzig, H Taitelbaum, D Kukliansy, V Cohen, ...
NAACL 2022, 2022
Fine-tuned Language Models are Continual Learners
T Scialom, T Chakrabarty, S Muresan
EMNLP 2022, 2022
Self-Attention Architectures for Answer-Agnostic Neural Question Generation
T Scialom, B Piwowarski, J Staiano
ACL 2019, 6027-6032, 2019
Nl-augmenter: A framework for task-sensitive natural language augmentation
KD Dhole, V Gangal, S Gehrmann, A Gupta, Z Li, S Mahamood, ...
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Llama 2: Open foundation and fine-tuned chat models. arXiv
H Touvron, L Martin, K Stone, P Albert, A Almahairi, Y Babaei, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2307.09288, 2023
Synthetic Data Augmentation for Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Question Answering
A Riabi, T Scialom, R Keraron, B Sagot, D Seddah, J Staiano
EMNLP 2021, 2020
Discriminative Adversarial Search for Abstractive Summarization
T Scialom, PA Dray, S Lamprier, B Piwowarski, J Staiano
ICML 2020, 2020
GAIA: a benchmark for General AI Assistants
G Mialon, C Fourrier, C Swift, T Wolf, Y LeCun, T Scialom
ICLR 2024, 2023
Nougat: Neural optical understanding for academic documents
L Blecher, G Cucurull, T Scialom, R Stojnic
ICLR 2024, 2023
Project PIAF: Building a Native French Question-Answering Dataset
R Keraron, G Lancrenon, M Bras, F Allary, G Moyse, T Scialom, ...
LREC 2020, 2020
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