Bo Zhang (张波)
Bo Zhang (张波)
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Bifurcations and chaos in a permanent-magnet synchronous motor
Z Li, JB Park, YH Joo, B Zhang, G Chen
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傅文珍, 张波, 丘东元, 王伟
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Maximum efficiency analysis and design of self-resonance coupling coils for wireless power transmission system
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Study on frequency-tracking wireless power transfer system by resonant coupling
W Fu, B Zhang, D Qiu
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Frequency splitting phenomena of magnetic resonant coupling wireless power transfer
R Huang, B Zhang, D Qiu, Y Zhang
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三相电压型 PWM 整流器状态反馈精确线性化解耦控制研究
邓卫华, 张波, 丘东元, 卢至锋, 胡宗波
中国电机工程学报 25 (7), 97-103, 2005
Extended switched-boost DC-DC converters adopting switched-capacitor/switched-inductor cells for high step-up conversion
X Zhu, B Zhang, Z Li, H Li, L Ran
IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics 5 (3 …, 2016
Hybrid Z-source boost DC–DC converters
H Shen, B Zhang, D Qiu
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Engineering the Monomer Composition of Polyhydroxyalkanoates Synthesized in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
B Zhang, R Carlson, F Srienc
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Power electronics converters: Past, present and future
G Zhang, Z Li, B Zhang, WA Halang
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 81, 2028-2044, 2018
Nonlinear parity-time-symmetric model for constant efficiency wireless power transfer: Application to a drone-in-flight wireless charging platform
J Zhou, B Zhang, W Xiao, D Qiu, Y Chen
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 66 (5), 4097-4107, 2018
A common grounded Z-source DC–DC converter with high voltage gain
H Shen, B Zhang, D Qiu, L Zhou
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Research of decoupled state variable feedback linearization control method of three-phase voltage source PWM rectifier.
WH Deng, B Zhang, DY Qiu, ZF Lu, ZB Hu
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A 3-Z-network boost converter
G Zhang, B Zhang, Z Li, D Qiu, L Yang, WA Halang
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Highvoltagegain quadratic boost converter with voltage multiplier
N Zhang, D Sutanto, KM Muttaqi, B Zhang, D Qiu
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Bifurcation and border collision analysis of voltage-mode-controlled flyback converter based on total ampere-turns
F Xie, R Yang, B Zhang
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A single-switch quadratic buck–boost converter with continuous input port current and continuous output port current
N Zhang, G Zhang, KW See, B Zhang
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 33 (5), 4157-4166, 2017
Design of analogue chaotic PWM for EMI suppression
H Li, Z Li, B Zhang, F Wang, N Tan, WA Halang
IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility 52 (4), 1001-1007, 2010
电流连续型 Boost 变换器状态反馈精确线性化与非线性 PID 控制研究
邓卫华, 张波, 丘东元, 胡宗波, 卢至锋
中国电机工程学报 24 (8), 45-50, 2004
An improved H5 topology with low common-mode current for transformerless PV grid-connected inverter
H Li, Y Zeng, B Zhang, TQ Zheng, R Hao, Z Yang
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 34 (2), 1254-1265, 2018
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