Donald Siegel
Donald Siegel
Mechanical Engineering, Texas Materials Institute, Oden Institute, University of Texas at Austin
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High capacity hydrogen storage materials: attributes for automotive applications and techniques for materials discovery
J Yang, A Sudik, C Wolverton, DJ Siegel
Chemical Society Reviews 39 (2), 656-675, 2010
Surface Chemistry Mechanism of Ultra-Low Interfacial Resistance in the Solid-State Electrolyte Li7La3Zr2O12
A Sharafi, E Kazyak, AL Davis, S Yu, T Thompson, DJ Siegel, ...
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MD Radin, JF Rodriguez, F Tian, DJ Siegel
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Elastic Properties of the Solid Electrolyte Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZO)
S Yu, RD Schmidt, R Garcia-Mendez, E Herbert, NJ Dudney, ...
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Charge transport in lithium peroxide: relevance for rechargeable metal–air batteries
MD Radin, DJ Siegel
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Adhesion, atomic structure, and bonding at the interface: A first principles study
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Adhesion, stability, and bonding at metal/metal-carbide interfaces: Al/WC
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Theoretical limits of hydrogen storage in metal–organic frameworks: opportunities and trade-offs
J Goldsmith, AG Wong-Foy, MJ Cafarella, DJ Siegel
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Precipitates in Al–Cu alloys revisited: Atom-probe tomographic experiments and first-principles calculations of compositional evolution and interfacial segregation
A Biswas, DJ Siegel, C Wolverton, DN Seidman
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Enhanced Charge Transport in Amorphous Li2O2
F Tian, MD Radin, DJ Siegel
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Generalized stacking fault energies, ductilities, and twinnabilities of Ni and selected Ni alloys
DJ Siegel
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Impact of air exposure and surface chemistry on Li–Li 7 La 3 Zr 2 O 12 interfacial resistance
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Thermodynamic guidelines for the prediction of hydrogen storage reactions and their application to destabilized hydride mixtures
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A SelfCatalyzing HydrogenStorage Material
J Yang, A Sudik, DJ Siegel, D Halliday, A Drews, RO Carter III, ...
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Ab initio study of Al-ceramic interfacial adhesion
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Exceptional hydrogen storage achieved by screening nearly half a million metal-organic frameworks
A Ahmed, S Seth, J Purewal, AG Wong-Foy, M Veenstra, AJ Matzger, ...
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MOF-5 composites exhibiting improved thermal conductivity
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Increased volumetric hydrogen uptake of MOF-5 by powder densification
JJ Purewal, D Liu, J Yang, A Sudik, DJ Siegel, S Maurer, U Müller
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First-principles study of metal–carbide/nitride adhesion: Al/VC vs. Al/VN
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Acta Materialia 50 (3), 619-631, 2002
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