Hongbo Geng
Hongbo Geng
Soochow University
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Hexagonal-phase cobalt monophosphosulfide for highly efficient overall water splitting
Z Dai, H Geng, J Wang, Y Luo, B Li, Y Zong, J Yang, Y Guo, Y Zheng, ...
ACS nano 11 (11), 11031-11040, 2017
Co9S8/MoS2 Yolk–Shell Spheres for Advanced Li/Na Storage
H Geng, J Yang, Z Dai, Y Zhang, Y Zheng, H Yu, H Wang, Z Luo, Y Guo, ...
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Oxyvanite V3O5: A new intercalationtype anode for lithiumion battery
D Chen, H Tan, X Rui, Q Zhang, Y Feng, H Geng, C Li, S Huang, Y Yu
InfoMat 1 (2), 251-259, 2019
Electronic structure regulation of layered vanadium oxide via interlayer doping strategy toward superior highrate and lowtemperature zincion batteries
H Geng, M Cheng, B Wang, Y Yang, Y Zhang, CC Li
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (6), 1907684, 2020
Porous nano-structured Co 3 O 4 anode materials generated from coordination-driven self-assembled aggregates for advanced lithium ion batteries
D Ge, H Geng, J Wang, J Zheng, Y Pan, X Cao, H Gu
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Preparation of fluorine-doped, carbon-encapsulated hollow Fe 3 O 4 spheres as an efficient anode material for Li-ion batteries
H Geng, Q Zhou, Y Pan, H Gu, J Zheng
Nanoscale 6 (7), 3889-3894, 2014
Persistent zinc-ion storage in mass-produced V2O5 architectures
D Chen, X Rui, Q Zhang, H Geng, L Gan, W Zhang, C Li, S Huang, Y Yu
Nano Energy 60, 171-178, 2019
Tuning the Kinetics of ZincIon Insertion/Extraction in V2O5 by In Situ Polyaniline Intercalation Enables Improved Aqueous ZincIon Storage Performance
S Liu, H Zhu, B Zhang, G Li, H Zhu, Y Ren, H Geng, Y Yang, Q Liu, CC Li
Advanced Materials 32 (26), 2001113, 2020
Atomic Layer Deposition of Amorphous TiO2 on Carbon Nanotube Networks and Their Superior Li and Na Ion Storage Properties
H Wang, G Jia, Y Guo, Y Zhang, H Geng, J Xu, W Mai, Q Yan, HJ Fan
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Nanostructured Li3V2(PO4)3 Cathodes
H Tan, L Xu, H Geng, X Rui, C Li, S Huang
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Metal coordination polymer derived mesoporous Co 3 O 4 nanorods with uniform TiO 2 coating as advanced anodes for lithium ion batteries
H Geng, H Ang, X Ding, H Tan, G Guo, G Qu, Y Yang, J Zheng, Q Yan, ...
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A new strategy for developing superior electrode materials for advanced batteries: using a positive cycling trend to compensate the negative one to achieve ultralong cycling …
DH Liu, HY Lü, XL Wu, J Wang, X Yan, JP Zhang, H Geng, Y Zhang, ...
Nanoscale horizons 1 (6), 496-501, 2016
Porous cubes constructed by cobalt oxide nanocrystals with graphene sheet coatings for enhanced lithium storage properties
H Geng, Y Guo, X Ding, H Wang, Y Zhang, X Wu, J Jiang, J Zheng, ...
Nanoscale 8 (14), 7688-7694, 2016
Preparation of porous and hollow Fe 3 O 4@ C spheres as an efficient anode material for a high-performance Li-ion battery
H Geng, Q Zhou, J Zheng, H Gu
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Challenges and recent progress in the design of advanced electrode materials for rechargeable Mg batteries
Y Zhang, H Geng, W Wei, J Ma, L Chen, CC Li
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Designed fabrication of fluorine-doped carbon coated mesoporous TiO2 hollow spheres for improved lithium storage
H Geng, H Ming, D Ge, J Zheng, H Gu
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Controlled synthesis of hollow C@ TiO 2@ MoS 2 hierarchical nanospheres for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
J Pei, H Geng, EH Ang, L Zhang, X Cao, J Zheng, H Gu
Nanoscale 10 (36), 17327-17334, 2018
From zinc-cyanide hybrid coordination polymers to hierarchical yolk-shell structures for high-performance and ultra-stable lithium-ion batteries
H Fan, H Yu, Y Zhang, J Guo, Z Wang, H Wang, X Hao, N Zhao, H Geng, ...
Nano Energy 33, 168-176, 2017
Boosting transport kinetics of cobalt sulfides yolk-shell spheres by anion doping for advanced lithium and sodium storage
B Wang, Y Cheng, H Su, M Cheng, Y Li, H Geng, Z Dai
ChemSusChem 13 (16), 4078-4085, 2020
Synergistically Tuning Electronic Structure of Porous βMo2C Spheres by Co Doping and MoVacancies Defect Engineering for Optimizing Hydrogen Evolution …
Y Ma, M Chen, H Geng, H Dong, P Wu, X Li, G Guan, T Wang
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (19), 2000561, 2020
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