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A compact X-ray free-electron laser emitting in the sub-ångström region
T Ishikawa, H Aoyagi, T Asaka, Y Asano, N Azumi, T Bizen, H Ego, ...
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Increased platelet reactivity and circulating monocyte-platelet aggregates in patients with stable coronary artery disease
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A simple gauge for local small strain measurements in the laboratory
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A compact free-electron laser for generating coherent radiation in the extreme ultraviolet region
T Shintake, H Tanaka, T Hara, T Tanaka, K Togawa, M Yabashi, Y Otake, ...
Nature Photonics 2 (9), 555-559, 2008
Lipophilic HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor has an anti-inflammatory effect: reduction of mRNA levels for interleukin-1β, interleukin-6, cyclooxygenase-2, and p22phox by regulation …
I Inoue, S Goto, K Mizotani, T Awata, T Mastunaga, S Kawai, T Nakajima, ...
Life sciences 67 (8), 863-876, 2000
The ligands/activators for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α (PPARα) and PPARγ increase Cu2+, Zn2+-superoxide dismutase and decrease p22phox message expressions in …
I Inoue, S Goto, T Matsunaga, T Nakajima, T Awata, S Hokari, T Komoda, ...
Metabolism-Clinical and Experimental 50 (1), 3-11, 2001
GETDB, a database compiling expression patterns and molecular locations of a collection of Gal4 enhancer traps
S Hayashi, K Ito, Y Sado, M Taniguchi, A Akimoto, H Takeuchi, T Aigaki, ...
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Dissociation as a result of phosphorylation of an aggregated form of the small stress protein, hsp27
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Purification and characterization of a 20-kDa protein that is highly homologous to alpha B crystallin.
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Altered gut flora and environment in patients with severe SIRS
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An X-ray scattering beamline for studying dynamics
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Identifying elephant flows through periodically sampled packets
T Mori, M Uchida, R Kawahara, J Pan, S Goto
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Diagnosis and treatment of Hirschsprung's disease in Japan. An analysis of 1628 patients.
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Immunoreactive αA crystallin in rat non-lenticular tissues detected with a sensitive immunoassay method
K Kato, H Shinohara, N Kurobe, S Goto, Y Inaguma, K Ohshima
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Beamline, experimental stations and photon beam diagnostics for the hard x-ray free electron laser of SACLA
K Tono, T Togashi, Y Inubushi, T Sato, T Katayama, K Ogawa, H Ohashi, ...
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Dephosphorylation of microtubuleassociated protein 2, τ factor, and tubulin by calcineurin
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Reduced neuron-specific expression of the TAF1 gene is associated with X-linked dystonia-parkinsonism
S Makino, R Kaji, S Ando, M Tomizawa, K Yasuno, S Goto, S Matsumoto, ...
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Copurification of small heat shock protein with alpha B crystallin from human skeletal muscle.
K Kato, H Shinohara, S Goto, Y Inaguma, R Morishita, T Asano
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Immunohistochemical Localization of Ca2+/CalmodulinDependent Protein Kinase II in Rat Brain and Various Tissues
K Fukunaga, S Goto, E Miyamoto
Journal of neurochemistry 51 (4), 1070-1078, 1988
Ca2+, CalmodulinDependent Regulation of Microtubule Formation via Phosphorylation of MicrotubuleAssociated Protein 2, τ Factor, and Tubulin, and …
H Yamamoto, K Fukunaga, S Goto, E Tanaka, E Miyamoto
Journal of neurochemistry 44 (3), 759-768, 1985
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