Jong-Gul Yoon
Jong-Gul Yoon
Department of Physics, University of Suwon
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Giant flexoelectric effect in ferroelectric epitaxial thin films
D Lee, A Yoon, SY Jang, JG Yoon, JS Chung, M Kim, JF Scott, TW Noh
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EK Kim, SI Kwun, SM Lee, H Seo, JG Yoon
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Multilevel data storage memory using deterministic polarization control
D Lee, SM Yang, TH Kim, BC Jeon, YS Kim, JG Yoon, HN Lee, SH Baek, ...
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Flexoelectric Effect in the Reversal of SelfPolarization and Associated Changes in the Electronic Functional Properties of BiFeO3 Thin Films
BC Jeon, D Lee, MH Lee, SM Yang, SC Chae, TK Song, SD Bu, ...
Advanced Materials 25 (39), 5643-5649, 2013
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Growth of (111) oriented MgO film on Si substrate by the solgel method
JG Yoon, K Kim
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WC Yi, JS Choe, CR Moon, SI Kwun, JG Yoon
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YS Kim, DJ Kim, TH Kim, TW Noh, JS Choi, BH Park, JG Yoon
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Growth of highly textured LiNbO3 thin film on Si with MgO buffer layer through the solgel process
JG Yoon, K Kim
Applied physics letters 68 (18), 2523-2525, 1996
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