Sebastian C Peter
Sebastian C Peter
Associate Professor of JNCASR
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Dimensional reduction: a design tool for new radiation detection materials
J Androulakis, SC Peter, H Li, CD Malliakas, JA Peters, Z Liu, ...
Advanced Materials 23 (36), 4163-4167, 2011
Thermochemical CO2 Hydrogenation to Single Carbon Products: Scientific and Technological Challenges
S Roy, A Cherevotan, SC Peter
ACS Energy Letters 3 (8), 1938-1966, 2018
Reduction of CO2 to Chemicals and Fuels: A Solution to Global Warming and Energy Crisis
SC Peter
ACS Energy Letters 3 (7), 1557-1561, 2018
Ultrafast synthesis of flower-like ordered Pd3Pb nanocrystals with superior electrocatalytic activities towards oxidation of formic acid and ethanol
R Jana, U Subbarao, SC Peter
Journal of Power Sources 301, 160-169, 2016
Electrochemical stimuli-driven facile metal-free hydrogen evolution from pyrene-porphyrin-based crystalline covalent organic framework
S Bhunia, SK Das, R Jana, SC Peter, S Bhattacharya, M Addicoat, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (28), 23843-23851, 2017
An overview on Pd-based electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction
S Sarkar, SC Peter
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 5 (9), 2060-2080, 2018
Thallium Chalcogenide-Based Wide-Band-Gap Semiconductors: TlGaSe2 for Radiation Detectors
S Johnsen, Z Liu, JA Peters, JH Song, SC Peter, CD Malliakas, NK Cho, ...
Chemistry of Materials 23 (12), 3120-3128, 2011
Electronic structure, electrical and dielectric properties of BaSnO3 below 300 K
P Singh, BJ Brandenburg, CP Sebastian, P Singh, S Singh, D Kumar, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 47 (5R), 3540, 2008
Electrochemical dealloying of PdCu3 nanoparticles to achieve Pt-like activity for the hydrogen evolution reaction
R Jana, A Bhim, P Bothra, SK Pati, SC Peter
Wiley-V CH Verlag Gmbh, 2016
Layer specific optical band gap measurement at nanoscale in MoS2 and ReS2 van der Waals compounds by high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy
K Dileep, R Sahu, S Sarkar, SC Peter, R Datta
Journal of Applied Physics 119 (11), 114309, 2016
Synthetically tuned atomic ordering in PdCu nanoparticles with enhanced catalytic activity toward solvent-free benzylamine oxidation
VS Marakatti, SC Sarma, B Joseph, D Banerjee, SC Peter
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (4), 3602-3615, 2017
Tl2Hg3Q4 (Q = S, Se, and Te): High-Density, Wide-Band-Gap Semiconductors
S Johnsen, SC Peter, SL Nguyen, JH Song, H Jin, AJ Freeman, ...
Chemistry of Materials 23 (19), 4375-4383, 2011
Ordered Pd2Ge Intermetallic Nanoparticles as Highly Efficient and Robust Catalyst for Ethanol Oxidation
S Sarkar, R Jana, UV Waghmare, B Kuppan, S Sampath, SC Peter
Chemistry of Materials 27 (21), 7459-7467, 2015
Yb3AuGe2In3: An Ordered Variant of the YbAuIn Structure Exhibiting Mixed-Valent Yb Behavior
M Chondroudi, SC Peter, CD Malliakas, M Balasubramanian, QA Li, ...
Inorganic chemistry 50 (4), 1184-1193, 2011
Indium Flux-Growth of Eu2AuGe3: A New Germanide with an AlB2 Superstructure
CP Sebastian, CD Malliakas, M Chondroudi, I Schellenberg, S Rayaprol, ...
Inorganic chemistry 49 (20), 9574-9580, 2010
Crystal chemistry and spectroscopic properties of ScAuSn, YAuSn, and LuAuSn
CP Sebastian, H Eckert, S Rayaprol, RD Hoffmann, R Pöttgen
Solid state sciences 8 (5), 560-566, 2006
Anomalous Thermal Expansion in the Square-Net Compounds RE4TGe8 (RE = Yb, Gd; T = Cr–Ni, Ag)
SC Peter, M Chondroudi, CD Malliakas, M Balasubramanian, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (35), 13840-13843, 2011
New Stannide ScAgSn:  Determination of the Superstructure via Two-Dimensional 45Sc Solid State NMR
CP Sebastian, L Zhang, C Fehse, RD Hoffmann, H Eckert, R Pöttgen
Inorganic chemistry 46 (3), 771-779, 2007
Structural, vibrational, and electrical properties of under hydrostatic pressure: Experiments and theory
V Rajaji, U Dutta, PC Sreeparvathy, SC Sarma, YA Sorb, B Joseph, ...
Physical review B 97 (8), 085107, 2018
Structural, magnetic, and spectroscopic studies of YAgSn, TmAgSn, and LuAgSn
CP Sebastian, H Eckert, C Fehse, JP Wright, JP Attfield, D Johrendt, ...
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 179 (8), 2376-2385, 2006
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