Yan Xu
Yan Xu
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Zero-shot cross-lingual dialogue systems with transferable latent variables
Z Liu, J Shin, Y Xu, GI Winata, P Xu, A Madotto, P Fung
EMNLP 2019, 2019
Caire-covid: A question answering and multi-document summarization system for covid-19 research
D Su, Y Xu, T Yu, FB Siddique, EJ Barezi, P Fung
EMNLP 2020 NLP-COVID workshop, 2020
Incorporating word and subword units in unsupervised machine translation using language model rescoring
Z Liu, Y Xu, GI Winata, P Fung
WMT 2019, 2019
Generalizing question answering system with pre-trained language model fine-tuning
D Su, Y Xu, GI Winata, P Xu, H Kim, Z Liu, P Fung
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Machine Reading for Question Answering …, 2019
CAiRE_HKUST at SemEval-2019 Task 3: Hierarchical Attention for Dialogue Emotion Classification
GI Winata, A Madotto, Z Lin, J Shin, Y Xu, P Xu, P Fung
arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.04041, 2019
Learning to learn sales prediction with social media sentiment
Z Lin, A Madotto, GI Winata, Z Liu, Y Xu, C Gao, P Fung
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Financial Technology and Natural …, 2019
CAiRE-COVID: a question answering and query-focused multi-document summarization system for covid-19 scholarly information management
SU Dan, Y Xu, T Yu, FB Siddique, E Barezi, P Fung
Learning Knowledge Bases with Parameters for Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems
A Madotto, S Cahyawijaya, GI Winata, Y Xu, Z Liu, Z Lin, P Fung
arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.13656, 2020
CrossNER: Evaluating Cross-Domain Named Entity Recognition
Z Liu, Y Xu, T Yu, W Dai, Z Ji, S Cahyawijaya, A Madotto, P Fung
AAAI 2021, 2020
Multi-hop Question Generation with Graph Convolutional Network
D Su, Y Xu, W Dai, Z Ji, T Yu, P Fung
EMNLP 2020 findings, 2020
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