Hua Wen
Hua Wen
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Control of Schottky Barriers in Single Layer MoS2 Transistors with Ferromagnetic Contacts
JR Chen, PM Odenthal, AG Swartz, GC Floyd, H Wen, KY Luo, ...
Nano letters 13 (7), 3106-3110, 2013
Spin transport and relaxation in graphene
W Han, KM McCreary, K Pi, WH Wang, Y Li, H Wen, JR Chen, ...
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Measuring the Casimir force gradient from graphene on a SiO 2 substrate
AA Banishev, H Wen, J Xu, RK Kawakami, GL Klimchitskaya, ...
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Spin relaxation in single-layer graphene with tunable mobility
W Han, JR Chen, D Wang, KM McCreary, H Wen, AG Swartz, J Shi, ...
Nano letters 12 (7), 3443-3447, 2012
Experimental Demonstration of xor Operation in Graphene Magnetologic Gates at Room Temperature
H Wen, H Dery, W Amamou, T Zhu, Z Lin, J Shi, I Žutić, I Krivorotov, ...
Physical Review Applied 5 (4), 044003, 2016
Integrating MBE materials with graphene to induce novel spin-based phenomena
AG Swartz, KM McCreary, W Han, JJI Wong, PM Odenthal, H Wen, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2013
Probing tunneling spin injection into graphene via bias dependence
T Zhu, S Singh, J Katoch, H Wen, K Belashchenko, I Žutić, RK Kawakami
Physical Review B 98 (5), 054412, 2018
Gate-controlled transmission of quantum hall edge states in bilayer graphene
J Li, H Wen, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, J Zhu
Physical review letters 120 (5), 057701, 2018
Molecular beam epitaxy growth of SrO buffer layers on graphite and graphene for the integration of complex oxides
AS Ahmed, H Wen, T Ohta, IV Pinchuk, T Zhu, T Beechem, RK Kawakami
Journal of Crystal Growth 447, 5-12, 2016
Correlating spin transport and electrode magnetization in a graphene spin valve: Simultaneous magnetic microscopy and non-local measurements
AJ Berger, MR Page, H Wen, KM McCreary, VP Bhallamudi, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (14), 142406, 2015
Determining an unknown state of a high-dimensional quantum system with a single, factorized observable
Y Yu, H Wen, H Li, X Peng
Physical Review A 83 (3), 032318, 2011
Current-based detection of nonlocal spin transport in graphene for spin-based logic applications
H Wen, T Zhu, Y Luo, W Amamou, RK Kawakami
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (17), 17B741, 2014
Enhanced spin injection efficiency and extended spin lifetimes in graphene spin valves
W Han, JR Chen, KM McCreary, H Wen, RK Kawakami
Spintronics IV 8100, 81000Q, 2011
A systematic approach to interpreting Hanle spin precession data in non-local spin valves
AG Swartz, KM McCreary, W Han, H Wen, RK Kawakami
Spintronics VI 8813, 881328, 2013
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