Wenbo Li
Wenbo Li
Senior Research Scientist, Samsung Research America AI Center
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The visual object tracking vot2017 challenge results
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Poi: Multiple object tracking with high performance detection and appearance feature
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Multiple target tracking based on undirected hierarchical relation hypergraph
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Object-driven text-to-image synthesis via adversarial training
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UA-DETRAC 2018: Report of AVSS2018 & IWT4S challenge on advanced traffic monitoring
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Category-blind human action recognition: A practical recognition system
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Adaptive RNN tree for large-scale human action recognition
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Online deformable object tracking based on structure-aware hyper-graph
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Who did what at where and when: simultaneous multi-person tracking and activity recognition
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Online visual tracking using temporally coherent part cluster
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Misc: Multi-condition injection and spatially-adaptive compositing for conditional person image synthesis
S Weng, W Li, D Li, H Jin, B Shi
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A method of illumination effect transfer between images using color transfer and gradient fusion
Y Zhang, T Zhao, Z Mo, W Li
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Novel human-object interaction detection via adversarial domain generalization
Y Song, W Li, L Zhang, J Yang, E Kiciman, H Palangi, J Gao, CCJ Kuo, ...
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3d single-person concurrent activity detection using stacked relation network
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Evolvement constrained adversarial learning for video style transfer
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Dual-stream CNN for structured time series classification
S Weng, W Li, Y Zhang, S Lyu
ICASSP 2019-2019 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and …, 2019
Maggan: High-resolution face attribute editing with mask-guided generative adversarial network
Y Wei, Z Gan, W Li, S Lyu, MC Chang, L Zhang, J Gao, P Zhang
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Sts classification with dual-stream cnn
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An adaptive-weight hybrid relevance feedback approach for content based image retrieval
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Explainable and Efficient Sequential Correlation Network for 3D Single Person Concurrent Activity Detection
Y Wei, W Li, MC Chang, H Jin, S Lyu
2020 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems …, 2020
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