Zhong-Zhen Luo
Zhong-Zhen Luo
MSE, Nanyang Technological University & Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University
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An airstable densely packed phosphorene–graphene composite toward advanced lithium storage properties
Y Zhang, H Wang, Z Luo, HT Tan, B Li, S Sun, Z Li, Y Zong, ZJ Xu, Y Yang, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (12), 1600453, 2016
Co9S8/MoS2 Yolk–Shell Spheres for Advanced Li/Na Storage
H Geng, J Yang, Z Dai, Y Zhang, Y Zheng, H Yu, H Wang, Z Luo, Y Guo, ...
Small 13 (14), 1603490, 2017
Controllable Preparation of Square Nickel Chalcogenide (NiS and NiSe2) Nanoplates for Superior Li/Na Ion Storage Properties
H Fan, H Yu, X Wu, Y Zhang, Z Luo, H Wang, Y Guo, S Madhavi, Q Yan
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (38), 25261-25267, 2016
Multifunctional 0D–2D Ni2P Nanocrystals–Black Phosphorus Heterostructure
ZZ Luo, Y Zhang, C Zhang, HT Tan, Z Li, A Abutaha, XL Wu, Q Xiong, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (2), 1601285, 2017
A 3D chemically modified graphene hydrogel for fast, highly sensitive, and selective gas sensor
J Wu, K Tao, Y Guo, Z Li, X Wang, Z Luo, S Feng, C Du, D Chen, J Miao, ...
Advanced Science 4 (3), 1600319, 2017
SHG Materials SnGa4Q7 (Q = S, Se) Appearing with Large Conversion Efficiencies, High Damage Thresholds, and Wide Transparencies in the Mid-Infrared Region
ZZ Luo, CS Lin, HH Cui, WL Zhang, H Zhang, ZZ He, WD Cheng
Chemistry of Materials 26 (8), 2743-2749, 2014
PbGa2MSe6 (M = Si, Ge): Two Exceptional Infrared Nonlinear Optical Crystals
ZZ Luo, CS Lin, HH Cui, WL Zhang, H Zhang, H Chen, ZZ He, WD Cheng
Chemistry of Materials 27 (3), 914-922, 2015
Ba8Sn4S15: A Strong Second Harmonic Generation Sulfide with Zero-Dimensional Crystal Structure
ZZ Luo, CS Lin, WL Zhang, H Zhang, ZZ He, WD Cheng
Chemistry of Materials 26 (2), 1093-1099, 2014
Surface oxide removal for polycrystalline SnSe reveals near-single-crystal thermoelectric performance
YK Lee, Z Luo, SP Cho, MG Kanatzidis, I Chung
Joule 3 (3), 719-731, 2019
Functionalized few-layer black phosphorus with super-wettability towards enhanced reaction kinetics for rechargeable batteries
Y Zhang, W Sun, ZZ Luo, Y Zheng, Z Yu, D Zhang, J Yang, HT Tan, J Zhu, ...
Nano Energy 40, 576-586, 2017
nType SnSe2 OrientedNanoplateBased Pellets for High Thermoelectric Performance
Y Luo, Y Zheng, Z Luo, S Hao, C Du, Q Liang, Z Li, KA Khor, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (8), 1702167, 2018
High thermoelectric performance in supersaturated solid solutions and nanostructured ntype PbTe–GeTe
ZZ Luo, X Zhang, X Hua, G Tan, TP Bailey, J Xu, C Uher, C Wolverton, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (31), 1801617, 2018
Soft phonon modes from off-center Ge atoms lead to ultralow thermal conductivity and superior thermoelectric performance in n-type PbSe–GeSe
ZZ Luo, S Hao, X Zhang, X Hua, S Cai, G Tan, TP Bailey, R Ma, C Uher, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (11), 3220-3230, 2018
Syntheses, characterization, and optical properties of ternary Ba–Sn–S system compounds: acentric Ba7Sn5S15, centric BaSn2S5, and centric Ba6Sn7S20
ZZ Luo, CS Lin, WD Cheng, H Zhang, WL Zhang, ZZ He
Inorganic chemistry 52 (1), 273-279, 2013
All-scale hierarchically structured p-type PbSe alloys with high thermoelectric performance enabled by improved band degeneracy
G Tan, S Hao, S Cai, TP Bailey, Z Luo, I Hadar, C Uher, VP Dravid, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (10), 4480-4486, 2019
Diffusion induced concave Co3O4@ CoFe2O4 hollow heterostructures for high performance lithium ion battery anode
H Yu, H Fan, X Wu, H Wang, Z Luo, H Tan, B Yadian, Y Huang, Q Yan
Energy Storage Materials 4, 145-153, 2016
Syntheses and Magnetic Properties Study of Isostructural BiM2BP2O10 (M = Co, Ni) Containing a Quasi-1D Linear Chain Structure
WL Zhang, ZZ He, TL Xia, ZZ Luo, H Zhang, CS Lin, WD Cheng
Inorganic chemistry 51 (16), 8842-8847, 2012
High Figure of Merit in Gallium-Doped Nanostructured n-Type PbTe-xGeTe with Midgap States
ZZ Luo, S Cai, S Hao, TP Bailey, X Su, I Spanopoulos, I Hadar, G Tan, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (40), 16169-16177, 2019
Enhancement of thermoelectric performance for n-type PbS through synergy of gap state and fermi level pinning
ZZ Luo, S Hao, S Cai, TP Bailey, G Tan, Y Luo, I Spanopoulos, C Uher, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (15), 6403-6412, 2019
High-performance thermoelectrics from cellular nanostructured Sb2Si2Te6
Y Luo, S Cai, S Hao, F Pielnhofer, I Hadar, ZZ Luo, J Xu, C Wolverton, ...
Joule 4 (1), 159-175, 2020
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