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Jingtao Xu
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Ba9Lu2Si6O24:Ce3+: An Efficient Green Phosphor with High Thermal and Radiation Stability for SolidState Lighting
Y Liu, J Zhang, C Zhang, J Xu, G Liu, J Jiang, H Jiang
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Manipulating band convergence and resonant state in thermoelectric material SnTe by Mn–In codoping
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Enhanced thermoelectric performance through crystal field engineering in transition metal–doped GeTe
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Enhanced thermopower in rock-salt SnTe–CdTe from band convergence
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Enhanced thermoelectric figure of merit in p-type Bi 0.48 Sb 1.52 Te 3 alloy with WSe 2 addition
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Designing band engineering for thermoelectrics starting from the periodic table of elements
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Texturing degree boosts thermoelectric performance of silver-doped polycrystalline SnSe
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Optimizing the thermoelectric performance of In–Cd codoped SnTe by introducing Sn vacancies
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Quantitative relation between structure and thermal conductivity in type-I clathrates GaGe ( Sr, Ba) based on electrostatic-potential analysis
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Coexistence of Dirac-cone states and superconductivity in iron pnictide Ba(FeRuAs)
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Low-temperature heat capacity of and : Tunneling states and electron-phonon interaction in clathrates
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Enhanced thermoelectric performance in n-type polycrystalline SnSe by PbBr 2 doping
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Thermoelectric properties of In-Hg co-doping in SnTe: energy band engineering
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Evidence for line nodes in the energy gap of the overdoped Ba(FeCo)As from low-temperature specific heat measurements
G Mu, J Tang, Y Tanabe, J Xu, S Heguri, K Tanigaki
Physical Review B 84 (5), 054505, 2011
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