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Xiang Chu
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Cowpea-structured PVDF/ZnO nanofibers based flexible self-powered piezoelectric bending motion sensor towards remote control of gestures
W Deng, T Yang, L Jin, C Yan, H Huang, X Chu, Z Wang, D Xiong, G Tian, ...
Nano Energy 55, 516-525, 2019
A linear-to-rotary hybrid nanogenerator for high-performance wearable biomechanical energy harvesting
C Yan, Y Gao, S Zhao, S Zhang, Y Zhou, W Deng, Z Li, G Jiang, L Jin, ...
Nano Energy 67, 104235, 2020
Nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur co-doped hierarchical porous carbons toward high-performance supercapacitors by direct pyrolysis of kraft lignin
F Liu, Z Wang, H Zhang, L Jin, X Chu, B Gu, H Huang, W Yang
Carbon 149, 105-116, 2019
Manipulating relative permittivity for high-performance wearable triboelectric nanogenerators
L Jin, X Xiao, W Deng, A Nashalian, D He, V Raveendran, C Yan, H Su, ...
Nano Letters 20 (9), 6404-6411, 2020
High power supercapacitors based on hierarchically porous sheet-like nanocarbons with ionic liquid electrolytes
H Su, H Zhang, F Liu, F Chun, B Zhang, X Chu, H Huang, W Deng, B Gu, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 322, 73-81, 2017
Rich lamellar crystal baklava-structured PZT/PVDF piezoelectric sensor toward individual table tennis training
G Tian, W Deng, Y Gao, D Xiong, C Yan, X He, T Yang, L Jin, X Chu, ...
Nano Energy 59, 574-581, 2019
Polarization-free high-crystallization β-PVDF piezoelectric nanogenerator toward self-powered 3D acceleration sensor
L Jin, S Ma, W Deng, C Yan, T Yang, X Chu, G Tian, D Xiong, J Lu, ...
Nano Energy 50, 632-638, 2018
Microchannelconfined MXene based flexible piezoresistive multifunctional microforce sensor
Y Gao, C Yan, H Huang, T Yang, G Tian, D Xiong, N Chen, X Chu, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (11), 1909603, 2020
Epidermis-inspired ultrathin 3D cellular sensor array for self-powered biomedical monitoring
C Yan, W Deng, L Jin, T Yang, Z Wang, X Chu, H Su, J Chen, W Yang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (48), 41070-41075, 2018
Synthesis of self-assembly 3D porous Ni (OH) 2 with high capacitance for hybrid supercapacitors
F Liu, X Chu, H Zhang, B Zhang, H Su, L Jin, Z Wang, H Huang, W Yang
Electrochimica Acta 269, 102-110, 2018
Allsprayedprocessable, largearea, and flexible perovskite/MXenebased photodetector arrays for photocommunication
W Deng, H Huang, H Jin, W Li, X Chu, D Xiong, W Yan, F Chun, M Xie, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 7 (6), 1801521, 2019
Extraordinary Areal and Volumetric Performance of Flexible SolidState MicroSupercapacitors Based on Highly Conductive Freestanding Ti3C2Tx Films
H Huang, H Su, H Zhang, L Xu, X Chu, C Hu, H Liu, N Chen, F Liu, ...
Advanced Electronic Materials 4 (8), 1800179, 2018
Hierarchically structured PVDF/ZnO core-shell nanofibers for self-powered physiological monitoring electronics
T Yang, H Pan, G Tian, B Zhang, D Xiong, Y Gao, C Yan, X Chu, N Chen, ...
Nano Energy 72, 104706, 2020
Establishing highly-efficient surface faradaic reaction in flower-like NiCo2O4 nano-/micro-structures for next-generation supercapacitors
Z Wang, H Su, F Liu, X Chu, C Yan, B Gu, H Huang, T Yang, N Chen, ...
Electrochimica Acta 307, 302-309, 2019
Flexible supercapacitors with high areal capacitance based on hierarchical carbon tubular nanostructures
H Zhang, H Su, L Zhang, B Zhang, F Chun, X Chu, W He, W Yang
Journal of Power Sources 331, 332-339, 2016
Facile synthesis of ultrafine cobalt oxide nanoparticles for high-performance supercapacitors
F Liu, H Su, L Jin, H Zhang, X Chu, W Yang
Journal of colloid and interface science 505, 796-804, 2017
Unraveling and Regulating Self-Discharge Behavior of Ti3C2Tx MXene-Based Supercapacitors
Z Wang, Z Xu, H Huang, X Chu, Y Xie, D Xiong, C Yan, H Zhao, H Zhang, ...
ACS nano 14 (4), 4916-4924, 2020
Massively manufactured paper-based all-solid-state flexible micro-supercapacitors with sprayable MXene conductive inks
H Huang, X Chu, H Su, H Zhang, Y Xie, W Deng, N Chen, F Liu, H Zhang, ...
Journal of Power Sources 415, 1-7, 2019
Highly microporous carbon with nitrogen-doping derived from natural biowaste for high-performance flexible solid-state supercapacitor
F Liu, Y Gao, C Zhang, H Huang, C Yan, X Chu, Z Xu, Z Wang, H Zhang, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 548, 322-332, 2019
Electrochemically building three-dimensional supramolecular polymer hydrogel for flexible solid-state micro-supercapacitors
X Chu, H Huang, H Zhang, H Zhang, B Gu, H Su, F Liu, Y Han, Z Wang, ...
Electrochimica Acta 301, 136-144, 2019
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