Yossi Rosenwaks
Yossi Rosenwaks
Tel Aviv University
Why lead methylammonium tri-iodide perovskite-based solar cells require a mesoporous electron transporting scaffold (but not necessarily a hole conductor)
E Edri, S Kirmayer, A Henning, S Mukhopadhyay, K Gartsman, ...
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Kelvin probe force microscopy of semiconductor surface defects
Y Rosenwaks, R Shikler, T Glatzel, S Sadewasser
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Direct determination of the hole density of states in undoped and doped amorphous organic films with high lateral resolution
O Tal, Y Rosenwaks, Y Preezant, N Tessler, CK Chan, A Kahn
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Molecular control over semiconductor surface electronic properties: Dicarboxylic acids on CdTe, CdSe, GaAs, and InP
R Cohen, L Kronik, A Shanzer, D Cahen, A Liu, Y Rosenwaks, JK Lorenz, ...
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Ferroelectric domain breakdown
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Measurement of active dopant distribution and diffusion in individual silicon nanowires
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Fabrication of a photoelectronic device by direct chemical binding of the photosynthetic reaction center protein to metal surfaces
L Frolov, Y Rosenwaks, C Carmeli, I Carmeli
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Reconstruction of electrostatic force microscopy images
E Strassburg, A Boag, Y Rosenwaks
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Potential imaging of operating light-emitting devices using Kelvin force microscopy
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Physical review letters 110 (3), 036803, 2013
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