Chi Zhang
Chi Zhang
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Alignedreid: Surpassing human-level performance in person re-identification
X Zhang, H Luo, X Fan, W Xiang, Y Sun, Q Xiao, W Jiang, C Zhang, J Sun
arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.08184, 2017
Margin sample mining loss: A deep learning based method for person re-identification
Q Xiao, H Luo, C Zhang
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Threshold pricing in dynamically priced
R Reece
US Patent App. 10/229,340, 2003
Multi-target, multi-camera tracking by hierarchical clustering: recent progress on DukeMTMC Project
Z Zhang, J Wu, X Zhang, C Zhang
arXiv preprint arXiv:1712.09531, 2017
Perceive where to focus: Learning visibility-aware part-level features for partial person re-identification
Y Sun, Q Xu, Y Li, C Zhang, Y Li, S Wang, J Sun
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Video-based person re-identification via 3D convolutional networks and non-local attention
X Liao, L He, Z Yang, C Zhang
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Semantic Sentence Embeddings for Paraphrasing and Text Summarization
C Zhang, S Sah, T Nguyen, P Dheeraj, A Loui, C Salvaggio, R Ptucha
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Cross domain knowledge transfer for person re-identification
Q Xiao, K Cao, H Chen, F Peng, C Zhang
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Scpnet: Spatial-channel parallelism network for joint holistic and partial person re-identification
X Fan, H Luo, X Zhang, L He, C Zhang, W Jiang
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AlignedReID++: Dynamically matching local information for person re-identification
H Luo, W Jiang, X Zhang, X Fan, J Qian, C Zhang
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Sot for mot
Q He, J Wu, G Yu, C Zhang
arXiv preprint arXiv:1712.01059, 2017
Weakly supervised person re-identification
J Meng, S Wu, WS Zheng
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2019
Large scale sign language interpretation
T Yuan, S Sah, T Ananthanarayana, C Zhang, A Bhat, S Gandhi, R Ptucha
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Vehicle re-identification with viewpoint-aware metric learning
R Chu, Y Sun, Y Li, Z Liu, C Zhang, Y Wei
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Batch-Normalized Recurrent Highway Networks
C Zhang, T Nguyen, S Sah, R Ptucha, A Loui, C Salvaggio
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Engineering Hand-designed and Deeply-learned features for person Re-identification
F Wang, C Zhang, S Chen, G Ying, J Lv
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Semantically invariant text-to-image generation
S Sah, D Peri, A Shringi, C Zhang, M Dominguez, A Savakis, R Ptucha
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Vector learning for cross domain representations
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2017 IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop (AIPR), 1-5, 2017
System and method for coarse-to-fine video object segmentation and re-composition
CL Alexander, C Zhang
US Patent 10,229,340, 2019
Re-ID Driven Localization Refinement for Person Search
C Han, J Ye, Y Zhong, X Tan, C Zhang, C Gao, N Sang
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, 9814-9823, 2019
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