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Lei Fan
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Satellite passive microwaves reveal recent climate-induced carbon losses in African drylands
M Brandt, JP Wigneron, J Chave, T Tagesson, J Penuelas, P Ciais, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 2 (5), 827-835, 2018
Assessment and inter-comparison of recently developed/reprocessed microwave satellite soil moisture products using ISMN ground-based measurements
A Al-Yaari, JP Wigneron, W Dorigo, A Colliander, T Pellarin, S Hahn, ...
Remote sensing of environment 224, 289-303, 2019
Forest management in southern China generates short term extensive carbon sequestration
X Tong, M Brandt, Y Yue, P Ciais, MR Jepsen, J Penuelas, JP Wigneron, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-10, 2020
Direct and seasonal legacy effects of the 2018 heat wave and drought on European ecosystem productivity
A Bastos, P Ciais, P Friedlingstein, S Sitch, J Pongratz, L Fan, ...
Science advances 6 (24), eaba2724, 2020
Satellite-observed pantropical carbon dynamics
L Fan, JP Wigneron, P Ciais, J Chave, M Brandt, R Fensholt, SS Saatchi, ...
Nature plants 5 (9), 944-951, 2019
Tropical forests did not recover from the strong 2015–2016 El Niño event
JP Wigneron, L Fan, P Ciais, A Bastos, M Brandt, J Chave, S Saatchi, ...
Science advances 6 (6), eaay4603, 2020
Evaluation of microwave remote sensing for monitoring live fuel moisture content in the Mediterranean region
L Fan, JP Wigneron, Q Xiao, A Al-Yaari, J Wen, N Martin-StPaul, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 205, 210-223, 2018
Compared performances of SMOS-IC soil moisture and vegetation optical depth retrievals based on Tau-Omega and Two-Stream microwave emission models
X Li, A Al-Yaari, M Schwank, L Fan, F Frappart, J Swenson, JP Wigneron
Remote Sensing of Environment 236, 111502, 2020
Recent divergence in the contributions of tropical and boreal forests to the terrestrial carbon sink
T Tagesson, G Schurgers, S Horion, P Ciais, F Tian, M Brandt, A Ahlström, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 4 (2), 202-209, 2020
Evaluation of the airborne CASI/TASI Ts-VI space method for estimating near-surface soil moisture
L Fan, Q Xiao, J Wen, Q Liu, Y Tang, D You, H Wang, Z Gong, X Li
Remote Sensing 7 (3), 3114-3137, 2015
Carbon loss from forest degradation exceeds that from deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
Y Qin, X Xiao, JP Wigneron, P Ciais, M Brandt, L Fan, X Li, S Crowell, ...
Nature Climate Change 11 (5), 442-448, 2021
Mapping high-resolution soil moisture over heterogeneous cropland using multi-resource remote sensing and ground observations
L Fan, Q Xiao, J Wen, Q Liu, R Jin, D You, X Li
Remote Sensing 7 (10), 13273-13297, 2015
SMOS-IC data record of soil moisture and L-VOD: Historical development, applications and perspectives
JP Wigneron, X Li, F Frappart, L Fan, A Al-Yaari, G De Lannoy, X Liu, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 254, 112238, 2021
Global monitoring of the vegetation dynamics from the Vegetation Optical Depth (VOD): A review
F Frappart, JP Wigneron, X Li, X Liu, A Al-Yaari, L Fan, M Wang, C Moisy, ...
Remote Sensing 12 (18), 2915, 2020
SMOS-IC: Current status and overview of soil moisture and VOD applications
JP Wigneron, A Mialon, G De Lannoy, R Fernandez-Moran, A Al-Yaari, ...
IGARSS 2018-2018 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium …, 2018
Global-scale assessment and inter-comparison of recently developed/reprocessed microwave satellite vegetation optical depth products
X Li, JP Wigneron, F Frappart, L Fan, P Ciais, R Fensholt, D Entekhabi, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 253, 112208, 2021
Vapor pressure deficit and sunlight explain seasonality of leaf phenology and photosynthesis across Amazonian evergreen broadleaved forest
X Chen, P Ciais, F Maignan, Y Zhang, A Bastos, L Liu, C Bacour, L Fan, ...
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 35 (6), e2020GB006893, 2021
Asymmetric responses of ecosystem productivity to rainfall anomalies vary inversely with mean annual rainfall over the conterminous United States
A AlYaari, JP Wigneron, P Ciais, M Reichstein, A Ballantyne, J Ogée, ...
Global Change Biology 26 (12), 6959-6973, 2020
Mapping soil moisture at a high resolution over mountainous regions by integrating in situ measurements, topography data, and MODIS land surface temperatures
L Fan, A Al-Yaari, F Frappart, JJ Swenson, Q Xiao, J Wen, R Jin, J Kang, ...
Remote Sensing 11 (6), 656, 2019
The aqui network: soil moisture sites in the “Les landes” forest and graves vineyards (Bordeaux aquitaine region, France)
JP Wigneron, S Dayan, A Kruszewski, C Aluome, MGEA AI-Yaari, L Fan, ...
IGARSS 2018-2018 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium …, 2018
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