Betty Jo Salmeron
Betty Jo Salmeron
Neuroimaging Research Branch, NIDA
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Cue-induced cocaine craving: neuroanatomical specificity for drug users and drug stimuli
H Garavan, J Pankiewicz, A Bloom, JK Cho, L Sperry, TJ Ross, ...
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SJ Li, B Biswal, Z Li, R Risinger, C Rainey, JK Cho, BJ Salmeron, ...
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Patients with schizophrenia have a reduced neural response to both unpredictable and predictable primary reinforcers
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Imaging Genetics and Genomics in Psychiatry: A Critical Review of Progress and Potential
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Biological Psychiatry, 2017
Effects of methylphenidate on functional MRI blood-oxygen-level-dependent contrast
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Pharmacological applications of magnetic resonance imaging.
BJ Salmeron, EA Stein
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Mega-analysis of gray matter volume in substance dependence: general and substance-specific regional effects
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Lower glutamate levels in rostral anterior cingulate of chronic cocaine users—A 1H-MRS study using TE-averaged PRESS at 3 T with an optimized quantification strategy
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Cortico-amygdala coupling as a marker of early relapse risk in cocaine-addicted individuals
MJ McHugh, CH Demers, BJ Salmeron, MD Devous Sr, EA Stein, ...
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Nicotine enhances but does not normalize visual sustained attention and the associated brain network in schizophrenia
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