PhD candidate of Computer Science and Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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Crowdsourced time-sync video tagging using temporal and personalized topic modeling
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Automatic state partitioning for multibody systems (APM): an efficient algorithm for constructing Markov state models to elucidate conformational dynamics of multibody systems
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Report of Task 3: Your Phone Understands You
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Federated Transfer Learning for EEG Signal Classification
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Privacy-preserving technology to help millions of people: Federated prediction model for stroke prevention
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Privacy Threats Against Federated Matrix Factorization
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Dynamic dengue haemorrhagic fever calculators as clinical decision support tools in adult dengue
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Multi-strategies Method for Cold-Start Stage Question Matching of rQA Task
D Li, Q Chen, S Chen, X Liu, B Tang, B Tan
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