Dr. Tolutope O. SIYANBOLA
Dr. Tolutope O. SIYANBOLA
Chemistry Department, Covenant University
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Towards the conversion of carbohydrate biomass feedstocks to biofuels via hydroxylmethylfurfural
OO James, S Maity, LA Usman, KO Ajanaku, OO Ajani, TO Siyanbola, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 3 (12), 1833-1850, 2010
Physical characterisation of some honey samples from North-Central Nigeria
OO James, MA Mesubi, LA Usman, SO Yeye, KO Ajanaku, KO Ogunniran, ...
International Journal of Physical Sciences 4 (9), 464-470, 2009
Physico-chemical characteristics of industrial effluents in Lagos state, Nigeria
Global Journal of Pure & Applied Science and Technology 1, 49-54, 2011
Towards reforming technologies for production of hydrogen exclusively from renewable resources
OO James, S Maity, MA Mesubi, KO Ogunniran, TO Siyanbola, S Sahu, ...
Green Chemistry 13 (9), 2272-2284, 2011
Anti-microbial and anti-corrosive poly (ester amide urethane) siloxane modified ZnO hybrid coatings from Thevetia peruviana seed oil
TO Siyanbola, K Sasidhar, B Anjaneyulu, KP Kumar, B Rao, R Narayan, ...
Journal of Materials Science 48 (23), 8215-8227, 2013
Dietary fortification of sorghum-ogi using crayfish (Paranephrops planifrons) as supplements in infancy
KO Ajanaku, O Ajani, TO Siyanbola, AA Akinsiku, CO Ajanaku, O Oluwole
Food Science and Quality Management 15, 1-10, 2013
Modeling and synthesis of Ag and Ag/Ni allied bimetallic nanoparticles by green method: Optical and biological properties
AA Akinsiku, EO Dare, KO Ajanaku, OO Ajani, JAO Olugbuyiro, ...
International journal of biomaterials 2018, 2018
Physico-chemical and microbial assessment of different water sources in Ota, Ogun state, Nigeria
WU Anake, TO Siyanbola, CO Ehi-Eromosele, A Edobor-Osoh, IO Adeniyi, ...
International Journal of Current Research 5 (7), 1797-1801, 2013
Development of functional polyurethane–ZnO hybrid nanocomposite coatings from Thevetia peruviana seed oil
TO Siyanbola, K Sasidhar, B Rao, R Narayan, O Olaofe, ET Akintayo, ...
Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 92 (2), 267-275, 2015
A review on conversion of triglycerides to onspecification diesel fuels without additional inputs
OO James, S Maity, MA Mesubi, LA Usman, KO Ajanaku, TO Siyanbola, ...
International journal of energy research 36 (6), 691-702, 2012
Adsorption behaviour of pyrazolo [3, 4-b] pyridine on corrosion of stainless steel in HCl solutions
OO James, KO Ajanaku, KO Ogunniran, OO Ajani, TO Siyanbola, ...
Trends in Applied Sciences Research 6 (8), 910, 2011
Band structure, morphology, functionality, and size-dependent properties of metal nanoparticles
JA Adekoya, KO Ogunniran, TO Siyanbola, EO Dare, N Revaprasadu
Noble and Precious Metals—Properties, Nanoscale Effects and Applications …, 2018
Physicochemical analysis, phytochemical screening and antimicrobial activities of some vegetable oils from Ogun State, Nigeria.
FAA Siyanbola T.O., James O.O., Eromosele C.O
International Journal of Current Research 5 (4), 992-997, 2013
Biochemical oxygen demand and carbonaceous oxygen demand of the Covenant University sewage oxidation pond
AA Ajayi, CF Peter-Albert, TP Ajojesu, SA Bishop, GI Olasehinde, ...
Covenant Journal of Physical and Life Sciences 4 (1), 2016
Transition Metal Complexes of (E)-N’-4-cyanobenzylidene) nicotinohydrazide): Synthesis, Structural and Anti-Mycobacterial Activity Study
KO Ogunniran, JA Adekoya, CO Ehi-Eromosele, TO Siyanbola, A Kayode, ...
Journal of Applied Sciences 15 (10), 1210-1222, 2015
Siyanbola TO, James OO, Gurunathan T, Sasidhar K, Ajanaku KO, Ogunniran KO ...
Canadian Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences 9 (1), 3229-3240, 2015
Thermal stability studies on some metal soaps of Hura crepitans seed oil
OM Folarin
Electronic Journal of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Chemistry …, 2011
Studies on the antibacterial and anticorrosive properties of synthesized hybrid polyurethane composites from castor seed oil
BOA Siyanbola T.O., Akinsola A.F., Obanla O.R., Adebisi A.A., Akinsiku A.A ...
Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 10 (3), 1003-1014, 2017
Inhibitive properties of Carica papaya leaf extract on Aluminium in 1.85 M HCl
KO Ajanaku, O Aladesuyi, WU Anake, A Edobor-Osoh, CO Ajanaku, ...
Journal of advances in chemistry 8 (2), 1-9, 2014
Synthesis, Characterization, Theoretical Treatment and Antitubercular activity Evaluation of (E)-N’-(2, 5-dimethoxylbenzylidene) nicotinohydrazide and some of its Transition …
O Kehinde, A JOSEpH, EE Cyrila, S TOLUTOpE, A OLANREwAJU, ...
Orient J Chem 32, 413-427, 2016
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