Chen, Jun (陈骏)
Chen, Jun (陈骏)
Professor of Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Science and Technology Beijing
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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition)1
DJ Klionsky, AK Abdel-Aziz, S Abdelfatah, M Abdellatif, A Abdoli, S Abel, ...
autophagy 17 (1), 1-382, 2021
Negative thermal expansion in functional materials: controllable thermal expansion by chemical modifications
J Chen, L Hu, J Deng, X Xing
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XB Chen, HP Lee, VF Chong
Is sleep duration associated with childhood obesity, 265-74, 2011
Semiconductor/relaxor 0–3 type composites without thermal depolarization in Bi 0.5 Na 0.5 TiO 3-based lead-free piezoceramics
J Zhang, Z Pan, FF Guo, WC Liu, H Ning, YB Chen, MH Lu, B Yang, ...
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Mesoporous TiO 2 beads for high efficiency CdS/CdSe quantum dot co-sensitized solar cells
R Zhou, Q Zhang, E Uchaker, J Lan, M Yin, G Cao
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Rapid Synthesis of Multiferroic BiFeO3 Single-Crystalline Nanostructures
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Zero thermal expansion in PbTiO3-based perovskites
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Controlled Synthesis of CeO2 Flower-Like and Well-Aligned Nanorod Hierarchical Architectures by a Phosphate-Assisted Hydrothermal Route
R Yu, L Yan, P Zheng, J Chen, X Xing
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Zero Thermal Expansion and Ferromagnetism in Cubic Sc1–xMxF3 (M = Ga, Fe) over a Wide Temperature Range
L Hu, J Chen, L Fan, Y Ren, Y Rong, Z Pan, J Deng, R Yu, X Xing
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The Role of Spontaneous Polarization in the Negative Thermal Expansion of Tetragonal PbTiO3-Based Compounds
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Cosmology with Phase 1 of the Square Kilometre Array Red Book 2018: technical specifications and performance forecasts
DJ Bacon, RA Battye, P Bull, S Camera, PG Ferreira, I Harrison, ...
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia 37, 2020
Structure and negative thermal expansion in the system
J Chen, XR Xing, GR Liu, JH Li, YT Liu
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Giant polarization in super-tetragonal thin films through interphase strain
L Zhang, J Chen, L Fan, O Diéguez, J Cao, Z Pan, Y Wang, J Wang, ...
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Unusual Transformation from Strong Negative to Positive Thermal Expansion in PbTiO 3− BiFeO 3 Perovskite
J Chen, L Fan, Y Ren, Z Pan, J Deng, R Yu, X Xing
Physical review letters 110 (11), 115901, 2013
Evidence for (Bi,Pb)–O Covalency in the High TC Ferroelectric PbTiO3–BiFeO3 with Large Tetragonality
M Yashima, K Omoto, J Chen, H Kato, X Xing
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Wire structure and morphology transformation of niobium oxide and niobates by molten salt synthesis
L Li, J Deng, J Chen, X Sun, R Yu, G Liu, X Xing
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New Insights into the Negative Thermal Expansion: Direct Experimental Evidence for the “Guitar-String” Effect in Cubic ScF3
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Domain wall and interphase boundary motion in a two-phase morphotropic phase boundary ferroelectric: Frequency dispersion and contribution to piezoelectric and dielectric …
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Unique Piezoelectric Properties of the Monoclinic Phase in Ceramics: Large Lattice Strain and Negligible Domain Switching
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Temperature dependence of piezoelectric properties of high-
J Chen, X Tan, W Jo, J Rödel
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (3), 034109, 2009
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