Daniel Kwasi Ahorsu
Daniel Kwasi Ahorsu
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The fear of COVID-19 scale: development and initial validation
DK Ahorsu, CY Lin, V Imani, M Saffari, MD Griffiths, AH Pakpour
International journal of mental health and addiction, 1-9, 2020
Associations between fear of COVID-19, mental health, and preventive behaviours across pregnant women and husbands: an actor-partner interdependence modelling
DK Ahorsu, V Imani, CY Lin, T Timpka, A Broström, JA Updegraff, ...
International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 1-15, 2020
Depression, anxiety, and stress mediate the associations between internet gaming disorder, insomnia, and quality of life during the COVID-19 outbreak
S Fazeli, IM Zeidi, CY Lin, P Namdar, MD Griffiths, DK Ahorsu, ...
Addictive Behaviors Reports 12, 100307, 2020
The association between health status and insomnia, mental health, and preventive behaviors: the mediating role of fear of COVID-19
DK Ahorsu, CY Lin, AH Pakpour
Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine 6, 2333721420966081, 2020
Motivation to have covid-19 vaccination explained using an extended protection motivation theory among university students in china: The role of information sources
PW Wang, DK Ahorsu, CY Lin, IH Chen, CF Yen, YJ Kuo, MD Griffiths, ...
Vaccines 9 (4), 380, 2021
A prospective study on the link between weightrelated selfstigma and binge eating: Role of food addiction and psychological distress
DK Ahorsu, CY Lin, V Imani, MD Griffiths, JA Su, JD Latner, RD Marshall, ...
International Journal of Eating Disorders 53 (3), 442-450, 2020
Mental health challenges in academia: comparison between students of the various educational levels in Ghana
DK Ahorsu, ES Adjaottor, FA Yeboah, Y Opoku
Journal of Mental Health 30 (3), 292-299, 2021
Measurement invariance of the drivers of covid-19 vaccination acceptance scale: Comparison between taiwanese and mainland chinese-speaking populations
YC Yeh, IH Chen, DK Ahorsu, NY Ko, KL Chen, PC Li, CF Yen, CY Lin, ...
Vaccines 9 (3), 297, 2021
Psychometric properties of three simplified Chinese online-related addictive behavior instruments among mainland Chinese primary school students
IH Chen, DK Ahorsu, AH Pakpour, MD Griffiths, CY Lin, CY Chen
frontiers in psychiatry 11, 2020
Fear of COVID-19 and workplace phobia among Pakistani doctors: A survey study
S Malik, I Ullah, M Irfan, DK Ahorsu, CY Lin, AH Pakpour, MD Griffiths, ...
BMC Public Health 21 (1), 1-9, 2021
Efficacy of a theory-based cognitive behavioral technique app-based intervention for patients with insomnia: randomized controlled trial
NR Majd, A Broström, M Ulander, CY Lin, MD Griffiths, V Imani, ...
Journal of medical Internet research 22 (4), e15841, 2020
Emotion norms, display rules, and regulation in the Akan society of Ghana: an exploration using proverbs
VA Dzokoto, A Osei-Tutu, JJ Kyei, M Twum-Asante, DA Attah, DK Ahorsu
Frontiers in psychology 9, 1916, 2018
Do people with depression always have decreased cognitive processing speed? Evidence through electrophysiological lens
DK Ahorsu, HWH Tsang
International Journal of Clinical Skills 8 (4), 1227-1231, 2018
Gri ths, MD, & Pakpour, AH (2020)
DK Ahorsu, CY Lin, V Imani, M Saffari
The Fear of COVID-19, 0
Attitudes toward suicide: A comparative study between Ghanaian and Western foreign students in Ghana
ES Adjaottor, DK Ahorsu
Journal of Scientific Research and Studies 2 (6), 157-163, 2015
Testing an app-based intervention to improve insomnia in patients with epilepsy: A randomized controlled trial
DK Ahorsu, CY Lin, V Imani, P Carlbring, A Nygårdh, A Broström, ...
Epilepsy & Behavior 112, 107371, 2020
The prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, sleep problems, and psychological distress among COVID-19 frontline healthcare workers in taiwan
MY Lu, DK Ahorsu, S Kukreti, C Strong, YH Lin, YJ Kuo, YP Chen, CY Lin, ...
Frontiers in psychiatry 12, 2021
The effects of emotional expressions on attention-inhibition processes of depressed patients: An ERP systematic review
DK Ahorsu, HWH Tsang
International Journal of Clinical Skills 8 (6), 1913-1922, 2018
Effect of a peerled intervention combining mental health promotion with copingstrategybased workshops on mental health awareness, helpseeking behavior, and wellbeing among …
DK Ahorsu, DIS Vidaña, D Lipardo, PB Shah, PC González, S Shende, ...
International journal of mental health systems 15 (1), 1-10, 2021
Adapting the Motors of Influenza Vaccination Acceptance Scale into the Motors of COVID-19 Vaccination Acceptance Scale: Psychometric evaluation among mainland Chinese …
IH Chen, DK Ahorsu, NY Ko, CF Yen, CY Lin, MD Griffiths, AH Pakpour
Vaccine, 2021
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