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Qinwei Zhang
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Amide proton transferweighted imaging of the head and neck at 3 T: a feasibility study on healthy human subjects and patients with head and neck cancer
J Yuan, S Chen, AD King, J Zhou, KS Bhatia, Q Zhang, DKW Yeung, ...
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Decreases in molecular diffusion, perfusion fraction and perfusion-related diffusion in fibrotic livers: a prospective clinical intravoxel incoherent motion MR imaging study
PX Lu, H Huang, J Yuan, F Zhao, ZY Chen, Q Zhang, AT Ahuja, BP Zhou, ...
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PANDAT1ρ: Integrating principal component analysis and dictionary learning for fast T1ρ mapping
Y Zhu, Q Zhang, Q Liu, YXJ Wang, X Liu, H Zheng, D Liang, J Yuan
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T1ρ magnetic resonance: basic physics principles and applications in knee and intervertebral disc imaging
YXJ Wáng, Q Zhang, X Li, W Chen, A Ahuja, J Yuan
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Cramér-Rao bound for intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion weighted imaging fitting
Q Zhang, YX Wang, HT Ma, J Yuan
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Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting with compressed sensing and distance metric learning
Z Wang, H Li, Q Zhang, J Yuan, X Wang
Neurocomputing 174, 560-570, 2016
The use of dynamic tracer concentration in veins for quantitative DCE-MRI kinetic analysis in head and neck
J Yuan, SKK Chow, Q Zhang, DKW Yeung, AT Ahuja, AD King
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Diffusionprepared stimulatedecho turbo spin echo (DPstiTSE): an eddy currentinsensitive sequence for threedimensional highresolution and undistorted diffusionweighted …
Q Zhang, BF Coolen, MJ Versluis, GJ Strijkers, AJ Nederveen
NMR in Biomedicine 30 (7), e3719, 2017
Accuracy and uncertainty of asymmetric magnetization transfer ratio quantification for amide proton transfer (APT) imaging at 3T: a Monte Carlo study
J Yuan, Q Zhang, YX Wang, J Wei, J Zhou
2013 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2013
High resolution 3D diffusion imaging of carotid vessel wall using stimulated echo based diffusion prepared turbo spin echo sequence
Q Zhang, B Cervantes, DC Karampinos, BF Coolen, AJ Nederveen, ...
ISMRM 2016 Proceedings, 2016
Improving intra-voxel incoherent motion MRI quantification using wild bootstrap
Q Zhang, AD King, KS Bhatia, DKW Yeung, YX Wang, D Liang, J Yuan
2014 IEEE 11th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), 726-729, 2014
On the least-square estimation of parameters for statistical diffusion weighted imaging model
J Yuan, Q Zhang
2013 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2013
Threedimensional diffusion imaging with spiral encoded navigators from stimulated echoes (3DDISPENSE)
Q Zhang, BF Coolen, AJ Nederveen, GJ Strijkers
Magnetic resonance in medicine 81 (2), 1052-1065, 2019
Improved quantification of chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) MRI using nonlocal means
J Yuan, GSP Mok, Q Zhang, YX Wang, J Zhou
2014 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC …, 2014
Comparison of four MR carotid surface coils at 3T
Q Zhang, BF Coolen, S van den Berg, G Kotek, DS Rivera, DWJ Klomp, ...
PloS one 14 (3), e0213107, 2019
Reconstruction of sparsely sampled Magnetic Resonance Imaging measurements with a convolutional neural network
J Schoormans, Q Zhang, B Coolen, G Strijkers, A Nederveen
3D Diffusion Imaging with SPiral Encoded Navigators from Stimulated Echoes (3D DISPENSE)
Q Zhang, B Coolen, A Nederveen, G Strijkers
ISMRM 2018 Proceedings, 2018
High-resolution distortion-free diffusion imaging of the prostate using stimulated echo based turbo spin echo (DPsti-TSE) sequence
Q Zhang, BF Coolen, GJ Strijkers, L van Buuren, U van der Heide, ...
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Measurement reproducibility of intra-voxel incoherent motion (IVIM) DWI in normal salivary tissue.
K Bhatia, L Wang, A King, A Ahuja, Q Zhang, DKW Yeung, J Yuan
European Congress of Radiology 2014, 2014
Improved Quantification of Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) MRI by Nonlocal Means
J Yuan, GSP Mok, Q Zhang, YX Wang, J Zhou
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