Chris Jozwiak
Chris Jozwiak
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Massive Dirac fermions in a ferromagnetic kagome metal
L Ye, M Kang, J Liu, F Von Cube, CR Wicker, T Suzuki, C Jozwiak, ...
Nature 555 (7698), 638-642, 2018
Universal high energy anomaly in the angle-resolved photoemission spectra of high temperature superconductors: Possible evidence of spinon and holon branches
J Graf, GH Gweon, K McElroy, SY Zhou, C Jozwiak, E Rotenberg, A Bill, ...
Physical review letters 98 (6), 067004, 2007
Photoelectron spin-flipping and texture manipulation in a topological insulator
C Jozwiak, CH Park, K Gotlieb, C Hwang, DH Lee, SG Louie, ...
Nature Physics 9 (5), 293-298, 2013
Tracking Cooper pairs in a cuprate superconductor by ultrafast angle-resolved photoemission
CL Smallwood, JP Hinton, C Jozwiak, W Zhang, JD Koralek, H Eisaki, ...
Science 336 (6085), 1137-1139, 2012
Widespread spin polarization effects in photoemission from topological insulators
C Jozwiak, YL Chen, AV Fedorov, JG Analytis, CR Rotundu, AK Schmid, ...
Physical Review B 84 (16), 165113, 2011
Nodal quasiparticle meltdown in ultrahigh-resolution pump–probe angle-resolved photoemission
J Graf, C Jozwiak, CL Smallwood, H Eisaki, RA Kaindl, DH Lee, ...
Nature Physics 7 (10), 805-809, 2011
Emergence of a Metal–Insulator Transition and High-Temperature Charge-Density Waves in VSe2 at the Monolayer Limit
G Duvjir, BK Choi, I Jang, S Ulstrup, S Kang, T Thi Ly, S Kim, YH Choi, ...
Nano letters 18 (9), 5432-5438, 2018
Universal mechanism of band-gap engineering in transition-metal dichalcogenides
M Kang, B Kim, SH Ryu, SW Jung, J Kim, L Moreschini, C Jozwiak, ...
Nano letters 17 (3), 1610-1615, 2017
Dirac fermions and flat bands in the ideal kagome metal FeSn
M Kang, L Ye, S Fang, JS You, A Levitan, M Han, JI Facio, C Jozwiak, ...
Nature materials 19 (2), 163-169, 2020
Bond Stretching Phonon Softening and Kinks in the Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectra of Optimally Doped Superconductors
J Graf, M d’Astuto, C Jozwiak, DR Garcia, NL Saini, M Krisch, K Ikeuchi, ...
Physical Review Letters 100 (22), 227002, 2008
Surface states and Rashba-type spin polarization in antiferromagnetic (0001)
RC Vidal, H Bentmann, TRF Peixoto, A Zeugner, S Moser, CH Min, ...
Physical Review B 100 (12), 121104, 2019
New synthesis method for the growth of epitaxial graphene
XZ Yu, CG Hwang, CM Jozwiak, A Köhl, AK Schmid, A Lanzara
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 184 (3-6), 100-106, 2011
Giant spin-splitting and gap renormalization driven by trions in single-layer WS 2/h-BN heterostructures
J Katoch, S Ulstrup, RJ Koch, S Moser, KM McCreary, S Singh, J Xu, ...
Nature Physics 14 (4), 355-359, 2018
A high-efficiency spin-resolved photoemission spectrometer combining time-of-flight spectroscopy with exchange-scattering polarimetry
C Jozwiak, J Graf, G Lebedev, N Andresen, AK Schmid, AV Fedorov, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 81 (5), 053904, 2010
Vacuum space charge effect in laser-based solid-state photoemission spectroscopy
J Graf, S Hellmann, C Jozwiak, CL Smallwood, Z Hussain, RA Kaindl, ...
Journal of applied physics 107 (1), 014912, 2010
Spin-polarized surface resonances accompanying topological surface state formation
C Jozwiak, JA Sobota, K Gotlieb, AF Kemper, CR Rotundu, RJ Birgeneau, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-7, 2016
Revealing hidden spin-momentum locking in a high-temperature cuprate superconductor
K Gotlieb, CY Lin, M Serbyn, W Zhang, CL Smallwood, C Jozwiak, ...
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Hallmarks of Hunds coupling in the Mott insulator Ca 2 RuO 4
D Sutter, CG Fatuzzo, S Moser, M Kim, R Fittipaldi, A Vecchione, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-7, 2017
Instability of two-dimensional graphene: Breaking sp^{2} bonds with soft x rays
SY Zhou, ÇÖ Girit, A Scholl, CJ Jozwiak, DA Siegel, P Yu, JT Robinson, ...
Physical Review B 80 (12), 121409, 2009
Effects of Defects on Band Structure and Excitons in WS2 Revealed by Nanoscale Photoemission Spectroscopy
C Kastl, RJ Koch, CT Chen, J Eichhorn, S Ulstrup, A Bostwick, C Jozwiak, ...
ACS nano 13 (2), 1284-1291, 2019
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