Xiang Long
Xiang Long
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Attention clusters: Purely attention based local feature integration for video classification
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Multimodal keyless attention fusion for video classification
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Temporal Modeling Approaches for Large-scale Youtube-8M Video Understanding
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Multi-Label Classification with Label Graph Superimposing
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PP-YOLO: An effective and efficient implementation of object detector
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Cross-Modality Attention with Semantic Graph Embedding for Multi-Label Classification
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Exploiting Spatial-Temporal Modelling and Multi-Modal Fusion for Human Action Recognition
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Graph-pcnn: Two stage human pose estimation with graph pose refinement
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Rspnet: Relative speed perception for unsupervised video representation learning
P Chen, D Huang, D He, X Long, R Zeng, S Wen, M Tan, C Gan
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PP-YOLOv2: A Practical Object Detector
X Huang, X Wang, W Lv, X Bai, X Long, K Deng, Q Dang, S Han, Q Liu, ...
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Purely Attention Based Local Feature Integration for Video Classification
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Method and apparatus for classifying video
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Multi-modal fusion network based on relation-aware pyramid network for temporal action localization
J Gao, T Lin, X Long, D He, F Li, X Li, S Wen, E Ding
Method and apparatus for evaluating image relative definition, device and medium
X Long, Y Peng, LIN Shufei, Y Xin, B Zhang, Y Pengcheng, W Xiaodi, ...
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Method and apparatus for processing image
X Long, P Wang, Z Zhichao, F Li, D He, H Sun
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Method and apparatus for searching video segment, device, and medium
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Header Model For Instance Segmentation, Instance Segmentation Model, Image Segmentation Method and Apparatus
W Xiaodi, S Han, Y Feng, Y Xin, B Zhang, LIN Shufei, Y Pengcheng, ...
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