Yueqiang Hu
Yueqiang Hu
Hunan University,Tsinghua University
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3D-Integrated metasurfaces for full-colour holography
Y Hu, X Luo, Y Chen, Q Liu, X Li, Y Wang, N Liu, H Duan
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Trichromatic and tripolarization-channel holography with noninterleaved dielectric metasurface
Y Hu, L Li, Y Wang, M Meng, L Jin, X Luo, Y Chen, X Li, S Xiao, H Wang, ...
Nano Letters 20 (2), 994-1002, 2019
Integrated Metasurfaces with Microprints and HelicityMultiplexed Holograms for RealTime Optical Encryption
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The steady flying of a plasmonic flying head over a photoresist-coated surface in a near-field photolithography system
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High-speed near-field photolithography at 16.85 nm linewidth with linearly polarized illumination
J Ji, Y Meng, Y Hu, J Xu, S Li, G Yang
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Nanoscale thermal analysis for heat-assisted magnetic recording
Y Hu, H Wu, Y Meng, DB Bogy
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Head flying characteristics in heat assisted magnetic recording considering various nanoscale heat transfer models
Y Hu, H Wu, Y Meng, Y Wang, D Bogy
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Holographic sampling display based on metagratings
W Wan, W Qiao, D Pu, R Li, C Wang, Y Hu, H Duan, LJ Guo, L Chen
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NearField Orbital Angular Momentum Generation and Detection Based on SpinOrbit Interaction in Gold Metasurfaces
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Numerical modeling and analysis of plasmonic flying head for rotary near-field lithography technology
Y Hu, Y Meng
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Differences in Tribological Behaviors upon Switching Fixed and Moving Materials of Tribo-pairs including Metal and Polymer
A Xu, P Tian, S Wen, F Guo, Y Hu, W Jia, C Dong, Y Tian
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A Numerical Investigation of the Nanoscale Heat Transfer in Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording
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Magnesium-Based Metasurfaces for Dual-Function Switching between Dynamic Holography and Dynamic Color Display
J Li, Y Chen, Y Hu, H Duan, N Liu
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基于 BP 神经网络的数控机床主轴性能评估模型
胡跃强, 李苓, 高宏力, 章健, 李文涛, 钱士才
四川兵工学报 33 (6), 62-65, 2012
Design of waveguide system using one dimension slant grating and two dimension grating
X Guo, H Huang, Q Song, G Ma, H Xu, Y Hu, HG Duan
SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers 51, 23-27, 2020
All-dielectric metasurfaces for polarization manipulation: principles and emerging applications
Y Hu, X Wang, X Luo, X Ou, L Li, Y Chen, P Yang, S Wang, H Duan
Nanophotonics 9 (12), 3755-3780, 2020
Topology OptimizationBased Inverse Design of Plasmonic Nanodimer with Maximum NearField Enhancement
Y Chen, Y Hu, J Zhao, Y Deng, Z Wang, X Cheng, D Lei, Y Deng, H Duan
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Effect of plasmonic lens distribution on flight characteristics in rotational near-field photolithography
J Ji, J Chen, P Xu, J Li, Y Hu, Y Meng
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Trichromatic and Tri-polarization-channel Holography with Non-interleaved Dielectric Metasurface
H Yueqiang, L Ling, M Min, J Lei, L Xuhao, C Yiqin, L Xin, W Hanbin, L Yi, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1909.10030, 2019
Optical-Thermal-Mechanical Analysis for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR)
Y Hu, Y Meng, L Shi
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