Parveen Kumar
Parveen Kumar
WRI India, New Delhi
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Kinetics and mechanism of the reduction of colloidal manganese dioxide by d-fructose
Z Khan, P Kumar
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Kinetics of the reduction of water-soluble colloidal MnO2 by ascorbic acid
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Relation Between the Diffusivity, Viscosity, and Ionic Radius of LiCl in Water, Methanol, and Ethylene Glycol: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation
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Rechargeable Sodium-ion Battery: High Capacity Ammonium Vanadate Cathode with Enhanced Stability at High Rate
SM A. Sarkar, S. Sarkar, T. Sarkar, P. Kumar, M. D. Bharadwaj
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P Kumar, Z Khan
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Structural transformation during Li/Na insertion and theoretical cyclic voltammetry of the δ-NH4V4O10 electrode: a first-principles study
T Sarkar, P Kumar, MD Bharadwaj, UV Waghmare
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Effect of cationic micelles of cetytrimethylammonium bromide on the oxidation of thiourea by permanganate
N Ahmad, P Kumar, AA Hashmi, Z Khan
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Oxidative degradation of non-ionic surfactant (TritonX-100) by chromium (VI)
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Mechanism of Charge Transfer in Olivine-Type LiFeSiO4 and LiFe0. 5M0. 5SiO4 (M= Mg or Al) Cathode Materials: First-Principles Analysis
T Sarkar, MD Bharadwaj, UV Waghmare, P Kumar
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A kinetic study of water-soluble colloidal MnO2 formed by the reduction of permanganate by thiourea
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Influence of a Counterion on the Ion Atmosphere of an Anion: A Molecular Dynamics Study of LiX and CsX (X = F(-), Cl(-), I(-)) in Methanol.
P Kumar, AD Kulkarni, S Yashonath
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A molecular dynamics study and molecular level explanation of pressure dependence of ionic conductivity of potassium chloride in water
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Effect of interionic interactions on the structure and dynamics of ionic solvation shells in aqueous electrolyte solutions
P Kumar, MD Bharadwaj, S Yashonath
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Dependence of diffusivity on density and solute diameter in liquid phase: A molecular dynamics study of Lennard-Jones system
SR Varanasi, P Kumar, S Yashonath
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Ionic conductivity in aqueous electrolyte solutions: Insights from computer simulations
P Kumar, S Yashonath
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Effect of pressure on the ionic conductivity of Li+ and Cl− ions in water
SR Varanasi, P Kumar, Y Subramanian
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Total Cost of Ownership Analysis of the Impact of Vehicle Usage on the Economic Viability of Electric Vehicles in India
P Kumar, S Chakrabarty
Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board …, 2020
Indian Rare Earth Industry: Need and Opportunity for Revival and Growth
P Kumar, MD Bharadwaj
India’s Resource Security: Trade, Geopolitics and Efficiency Dimensions …, 2018
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