Cheng Guo
Cheng Guo
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Experimental discovery of a topological Weyl semimetal state in TaP
SY Xu, I Belopolski, DS Sanchez, C Zhang, G Chang, C Guo, G Bian, ...
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Criteria for directly detecting topological Fermi arcs in Weyl semimetals
I Belopolski, SY Xu, DS Sanchez, G Chang, C Guo, M Neupane, H Zheng, ...
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Enhanced high-harmonic generation from an all-dielectric metasurface
H Liu, C Guo, G Vampa, JL Zhang, T Sarmiento, M Xiao, PH Bucksbaum, ...
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Atomic-scale visualization of quantum interference on a Weyl semimetal surface by scanning tunneling microscopy
H Zheng, SY Xu, G Bian, C Guo, G Chang, DS Sanchez, I Belopolski, ...
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Photonic crystal slab Laplace operator for image differentiation
C Guo, M Xiao, M Minkov, Y Shi, S Fan
Optica 5 (3), 251-256, 2018
Spin polarization and texture of the Fermi arcs in the Weyl fermion semimetal TaAs
SY Xu, I Belopolski, DS Sanchez, M Neupane, G Chang, K Yaji, Z Yuan, ...
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Large magnetoresistance over an extended temperature regime in monophosphides of tantalum and niobium
C Zhang, C Guo, H Lu, X Zhang, Z Yuan, Z Lin, J Wang, S Jia
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Magnetic-tunnelling-induced Weyl node annihilation in TaP
CL Zhang, SY Xu, CM Wang, Z Lin, ZZ Du, C Guo, CC Lee, H Lu, Y Feng, ...
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Isotropic wavevector domain image filters by a photonic crystal slab device
C Guo, M Xiao, M Minkov, Y Shi, S Fan
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Science Advances
SY Xu, I Belopolski, DS Sanchez, C Guo, G Chang, C Zhang, G Bian, ...
ModulationDoped Multiple Quantum Wells of Aligned SingleWall Carbon Nanotubes
N Komatsu, W Gao, P Chen, C Guo, A Babakhani, J Kono
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (11), 1606022, 2017
Axion-Field-Enabled Nonreciprocal Thermal Radiation in Weyl Semimetals
B Zhao, C Guo, CAC Garcia, P Narang, S Fan
Nano Letters 20 (3), 1923-1927, 2020
Mirror protected Dirac fermions on a Weyl semimetal NbP surface
H Zheng, G Chang, SM Huang, C Guo, X Zhang, S Zhang, J Yin, SY Xu, ...
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Connection of temporal coupled-mode-theory formalisms for a resonant optical system and its time-reversal conjugate
Z Zhao, C Guo, S Fan
Physical Review A 99 (3), 033839, 2019
Quantum phase transitions in Weyl semimetal tantalum monophosphide
C Zhang, Z Lin, C Guo, SY Xu, CC Lee, H Lu, SM Huang, G Chang, ...
Preprint at http://arxiv. org/abs/1507.06301, 2015
Observation of surface states derived from topological Fermi arcs in the Weyl semimetal NbP
I Belopolski, SY Xu, D Sanchez, G Chang, C Guo, M Neupane, H Zheng, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1509.07465, 2015
Meron Spin Textures in Momentum Space
C Guo, M Xiao, Y Guo, L Yuan, S Fan
Physical Review Letters 124 (10), 106103, 2020
Compact incoherent image differentiation with nanophotonic structures
H Wang, C Guo, Z Zhao, S Fan
ACS Photonics 7 (2), 338-343, 2020
Relation between photon thermal Hall effect and persistent heat current in nonreciprocal radiative heat transfer
C Guo, Y Guo, S Fan
Physical Review B 100 (20), 205416, 2019
SubWavelength Passive Optical Isolators Using Photonic Structures Based on Weyl Semimetals
VS Asadchy, C Guo, B Zhao, S Fan
Advanced Optical Materials, 2000100, 2020
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