Emmanuelle A Marquis
Emmanuelle A Marquis
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Hydrogen production from formic acid decomposition at room temperature using a Ag–Pd core–shell nanocatalyst
K Tedsree, T Li, S Jones, CWA Chan, KMK Yu, PAJ Bagot, EA Marquis, ...
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EA Marquis, JM Hyde
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B Gault, D Haley, F De Geuser, MP Moody, EA Marquis, DJ Larson, ...
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Core/shell structures of oxygen-rich nanofeatures in oxide-dispersion strengthened Fe–Cr alloys
EA Marquis
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EA Marquis, DN Seidman
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A sensitivity analysis of the maximum separation method for the characterisation of solute clusters
JM Hyde, EA Marquis, KB Wilford, TJ Williams
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Atom probe tomography today
A Cerezo, PH Clifton, MJ Galtrey, CJ Humphreys, TF Kelly, DJ Larson, ...
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α′ precipitation in neutron-irradiated Fe–Cr alloys
M Bachhav, GR Odette, EA Marquis
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Model for creep threshold stress in precipitation-strengthened alloys with coherent particles
EA Marquis, DC Dunand
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Probing the improbable: imaging C atoms in alumina
EA Marquis, NA Yahya, DJ Larson, MK Miller, RI Todd
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Mg Segregation at Heterophase Interfaces on an Atomic Scale: Experiments and Computations
EA Marquis, DN Seidman, M Asta, C Woodward, V Ozoliņš
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Hardening of self ion implanted tungsten and tungsten 5-wt% rhenium
DEJ Armstrong, X Yi, EA Marquis, SG Roberts
Journal of Nuclear Materials 432 (1-3), 428-436, 2013
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