Wei E. I. Sha (沙威)
Wei E. I. Sha (沙威)
Assistant Professor, Zhejiang University
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Dual Plasmonic Nanostructures for High Performance Inverted Organic Solar Cells
X Li, WCH Choy, L Huo, F Xie, WEI Sha, B Ding, X Guo, Y Li, J Hou, J You, ...
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The efficiency limit of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cells
WEI Sha, X Ren, L Chen, WCH Choy
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Efficiency Enhancement of Organic Solar Cells by Using Shape-Dependent Broadband Plasmonic Absorption in Metallic Nanoparticles
X Li, WCH Choy, H Lu, WEI Sha, AHP Ho
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DDS Fung, L Qiao, WCH Choy, C Wang, WEI Sha, F Xie, S He
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BiOX (X = Cl, Br, I) Photocatalysts Prepared Using NaBiO3 as the Bi Source: Characterization and Catalytic Performance
X Chang, J Huang, C Cheng, Q Sui, W Sha, G Ji, S Deng, G Yu
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Optical and electrical effects of gold nanoparticles in the active layer of polymer solar cells
CD Charlie, CH Wallace, DS Dixon, WEI Sha
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (3), 1206-1211, 2012
小波分析理论与MATLAB R2007 实现
葛哲学, 沙威
电子工业出版社, 2007
Surface Plasmon and Scattering-Enhanced Low-Bandgap Polymer Solar Cell by a Metal Grating Back Electrode
J You, X Li, F Xie, WEI Sha, JHW Kwong, G Li, WCH Choy, Y Yang
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Improving the efficiency of polymer solar cells by incorporating gold nanoparticles into all polymer layers
FX Xie, WCH Choy, CCD Wang, WEI Sha, DDS Fung
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Plasmonic Electrically Functionalized TiO2 for High-Performance Organic Solar Cells
D Zhang, WCH Choy, F Xie, WEI Sha, X Li, B Ding, K Zhang, F Huang, ...
Advanced Functional Materials, 2013
Ultrathin Complementary Metasurface for Orbital Angular Momentum Generation at Microwave Frequencies
MLN Chen, LJ Jiang, WEI Sha
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 65 (1), 396-400, 2017
Nonlinear optics in plasmonic nanostructures
NC Panoiu, WEI Sha, DY Lei, GC Li
Journal of Optics 20 (8), 083001, 2018
Efficient Inverted Polymer Solar Cells with Directly Patterned Active Layer and Silver Back Grating
XH Li, WEI Sha, WCH Choy, DDS Fung, FX Xie
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Inorganic perovskite solar cells: an emerging member of the photovoltaic community
J Duan, H Xu, WEI Sha, Y Zhao, Y Wang, X Yang, Q Tang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (37), 21036-21068, 2019
Photocatalytic Decomposition of 4-T-Octylphenol over NaBiO3 Driven by Visible Light: Catalytic Kinetics and Corrosion Products Characterization
X Chang, J Huang, C Cheng, W Sha, X Li, G Ji, S Deng, G Yu
Journal of hazardous materials 173 (1), 765-772, 2010
Enhanced charge extraction in organic solar cells through electron accumulation effects induced by metal nanoparticles
F Xie, WCH Choy, WEI Sha, D Zhang, S Zhang, X Li, C Leung, J Hou
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (11), 3372-3379, 2013
Exploring the Way to Approach the Efficiency Limit of Perovskite Solar Cells by Drift-Diffusion Model
X Ren, Z Wang, WEI Sha, WCH Choy
ACS Photonics 4 (4), 934–942, 2017
Near-field multiple scattering effects of plasmonic nanospheres embedded into thin-film organic solar cells
WEI Sha, WCH Choy, YG Liu, W Cho Chew
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Graphene based functional devices: A short review
R Wang, XG Ren, Z Yan, LJ Jiang, WEI Sha, GC Shan
Frontiers of Physics 14 (1), 13603, 2019
A comprehensive study for the plasmonic thin-film solar cell with periodic structure
W Sha, W Choy, W Chew
Optics Express 18 (6), 5993-6007, 2010
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