Wen-Jing Yan
Wen-Jing Yan
College of Teacher Education, Wenzhou University
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CASME II: An improved spontaneous micro-expression database and the baseline evaluation
WJ Yan, X Li, SJ Wang, G Zhao, YJ Liu, YH Chen, X Fu
PloS one 9 (1), e86041, 2014
CASME database: A dataset of spontaneous micro-expressions collected from neutralized faces
WJ Yan, Q Wu, YJ Liu, SJ Wang, X Fu
2013 10th IEEE international conference and workshops on automatic face and …, 2013
How fast are the leaked facial expressions: The duration of micro-expressions
WJ Yan, Q Wu, J Liang, YH Chen, X Fu
Journal of Nonverbal Behavior 37 (4), 217-230, 2013
A main directional mean optical flow feature for spontaneous micro-expression recognition
YJ Liu, JK Zhang, WJ Yan, SJ Wang, G Zhao, X Fu
IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing 7 (4), 299-310, 2015
Face recognition and micro-expression recognition based on discriminant tensor subspace analysis plus extreme learning machine
SJ Wang, HL Chen, WJ Yan, YH Chen, X Fu
Neural processing letters 39 (1), 25-43, 2014
Micro-expression recognition using color spaces
SJ Wang, WJ Yan, X Li, G Zhao, CG Zhou, X Fu, M Yang, J Tao
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 24 (12), 6034-6047, 2015
Micro-expression recognition using dynamic textures on tensor independent color space
SJ Wang, WJ Yan, X Li, G Zhao, X Fu
2014 22nd international conference on pattern recognition, 4678-4683, 2014
CAS(ME): A Database for Spontaneous Macro-Expression and Micro-Expression Spotting and Recognition
F Qu, SJ Wang, WJ Yan, H Li, S Wu, X Fu
IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing 9 (4), 424-436, 2017
Micro-expression recognition using robust principal component analysis and local spatiotemporal directional features
SJ Wang, WJ Yan, G Zhao, X Fu, CG Zhou
European Conference on computer vision, 325-338, 2014
For micro-expression recognition: Database and suggestions
WJ Yan, SJ Wang, YJ Liu, Q Wu, X Fu
Neurocomputing 136, 82-87, 2014
Micro-expression recognition with small sample size by transferring long-term convolutional neural network
SJ Wang, BJ Li, YJ Liu, WJ Yan, X Ou, X Huang, F Xu, X Fu
Neurocomputing 312, 251-262, 2018
Sparse tensor canonical correlation analysis for micro-expression recognition
SJ Wang, WJ Yan, T Sun, G Zhao, X Fu
Neurocomputing 214, 218-232, 2016
Quantifying micro-expressions with constraint local model and local binary pattern
WJ Yan, SJ Wang, YH Chen, G Zhao, X Fu
European Conference on Computer Vision, 296-305, 2014
Amygdala volume predicts inter-individual differences in fearful face recognition
K Zhao, WJ Yan, YH Chen, XN Zuo, X Fu
PLoS One 8 (8), e74096, 2013
梁静, 颜文靖, 吴奇, 申寻兵, 王甦菁, 傅小兰
中国科学基金 27 (2), 75-78, 2013
Perfectionism and adolescent sleep quality: The mediating role of repetitive negative thinking
RM Lin, SS Xie, YW Yan, YH Chen, WJ Yan
Journal of Health Psychology 24 (12), 1626-1636, 2019
CAS (ME) 2: A Database of Spontaneous Macro-expressions and Micro-expressions
F Qu, SJ Wang, WJ Yan, X Fu
International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, 48-59, 2016
To bind or not to bind? Different temporal binding effects from voluntary pressing and releasing actions
K Zhao, YH Chen, WJ Yan, X Fu
PloS one 8 (5), e64819, 2013
The dynamic features of lip corners in genuine and posed smiles
H Guo, XH Zhang, J Liang, WJ Yan
Frontiers in psychology 9, 202, 2018
梁静, 李开云, 曲方炳, 陈宥辛, 颜文靖, 傅小兰
心理科学进展 22 (6), 995, 2014
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