Arghya Bhowmik
Arghya Bhowmik
Technical University of Denmark; Stanford University; SLAC National Accelerator
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Temperature Dependent Reversible pnp Type Conduction Switching with Colossal Change in Thermopower of Semiconducting AgCuS
SN Guin, J Pan, A Bhowmik, D Sanyal, UV Waghmare, K Biswas
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Electropulse-induced cementite nanoparticle formation in deformed pearlitic steels
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Quantization of Hall Resistance at the Metallic Interface between an Oxide Insulator and
F Trier, GEDK Prawiroatmodjo, Z Zhong, DV Christensen, M von Soosten, ...
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Synthesis of Cu/CeO2-x Nanocrystalline Heterodimers with Interfacial Active Sites To Promote CO2 Electroreduction
SB Varandili, J Huang, E Oveisi, GL De Gregorio, M Mensi, M Strach, ...
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Computational thermodynamics in electric current metallurgy
RS Qin, A Bhowmik
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A perspective on inverse design of battery interphases using multi-scale modelling, experiments and generative deep learning
A Bhowmik, IE Castelli, JM Garcia-Lastra, PB Jørgensen, O Winther, ...
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Phase transition, electrochemistry, and structural studies of high rate LixV3O8 cathode with nanoplate morphology
S Sarkar, A Bhowmik, MD Bharadwaj, S Mitra
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Descriptors and thermodynamic limitations of electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction on rutile oxide surfaces
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Surface Pyroelectricity in Cubic SrTiO3
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Scandium-doped zinc cadmium oxide as a new stable n-type oxide thermoelectric material
NP L. Han, D. V. Christensen , A. Bhowmik , S. B. Simonsen , L. T. Hung , E ...
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Frequency- and temperature-dependent dielectric response in hybrid molecular beam epitaxy-grown BaSnO3 films
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Insight into Compounds with Cu(H2O)62+ Units: New Ideas for Understanding Cu2+ in Tutton Salts
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Role of CO* as a Spectator in CO2 Electroreduction on RuO2
A Bhowmik, HA Hansen, T Vegge
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Electrochemical reduction of CO2 on IrxRu (1-x) O2 (110) surfaces
A Bhowmik, HA Hansen, T Vegge
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Preparation, structure study and electrochemistry of layered H2V3O8 materials: High capacity lithium-ion battery cathode
S Sarkar, A Bhowmik, J Pan, MD Bharadwaj, S Mitra
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Tuning electrochemical potential of LiCoO2 with cation substitution: first-principles predictions and electronic origin
AK Varanasi, A Bhowmik, T Sarkar, UV Waghmare, MD Bharadwaj
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Origins of electrochemical performance of olivine phosphate as cathodes in Li-ion batteries: Charge transfer, spin-state, and structural distortion
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Classical molecular dynamics and quantum ab-initio studies on lithium-intercalation in interconnected hollow spherical nano-spheres of amorphous silicon
A Bhowmik, R Malik, S Prakash, T Sarkar, MD Bharadwaj, S Aich, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 665, 165-172, 2016
AI fast track to battery fast charge
A Bhowmik, T Vegge
Joule 4 (4), 717-719, 2020
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