Panchakarla LS
Panchakarla LS
IIT Bombay, JNCASR, Weizmann Institute of Science
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Synthesis, structure, and properties of boronand nitrogendoped graphene
LS Panchakarla, KS Subrahmanyam, SK Saha, A Govindaraj, ...
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Simple method of preparing graphene flakes by an arc-discharge method
KS Subrahmanyam, LS Panchakarla, A Govindaraj, CNR Rao
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A Sasidharan, LS Panchakarla, AR Sadanandan, A Ashokan, ...
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LS Panchakarla, A Govindaraj, CNR Rao
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UA Palnitkar, RV Kashid, MA More, DS Joag, LS Panchakarla, CNR Rao
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Laser-induced unzipping of carbon nanotubes to yield graphene nanoribbons
P Kumar, LS Panchakarla, CNR Rao
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Graphene-supported, iron-based nanoparticles for catalytic production of liquid hydrocarbons from synthesis gas: the role of the graphene support in comparison with carbon …
SO Moussa, LS Panchakarla, MQ Ho, MS El-Shall
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Temperature effects on the Raman spectra of graphenes: dependence on the number of layers and doping
DJ Late, U Maitra, LS Panchakarla, UV Waghmare, CNR Rao
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Solvothermal synthesis of nanorods of ZnO, N-doped ZnO and CdO
N Varghese, LS Panchakarla, M Hanapi, A Govindaraj, CNR Rao
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P-type nitrogen-doped ZnO nanostructures with controlled shape and doping level by facile microwave synthesis
NP Herring, LS Panchakarla, MS El-Shall
Langmuir 30 (8), 2230-2240, 2014
Selectivity in the photocatalytic properties of the composites of TiO2 nanoparticles with B-and N-doped graphenes
K Gopalakrishnan, HM Joshi, P Kumar, LS Panchakarla, CNR Rao
Chemical Physics Letters 511 (4-6), 304-308, 2011
Photoluminescence, white light emitting properties and related aspects of ZnO nanoparticles admixed with graphene and GaN
P Kumar, LS Panchakarla, SV Bhat, U Maitra, KS Subrahmanyam, ...
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Characteristics of field-effect transistors based on undoped and B-and N-doped few-layer graphenes
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Comparative in vivo toxicity, organ biodistribution and immune response of pristine, carboxylated and PEGylated few-layer graphene sheets in Swiss albino mice: A three month study
A Sasidharan, S Swaroop, CK Koduri, CM Girish, P Chandran, ...
Carbon 95, 511-524, 2015
Nanotubes from misfit layered compounds: A new family of materials with low dimensionality
LS Panchakarla, G Radovsky, L Houben, R Popovitz-Biro, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 5 (21), 3724-3736, 2014
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