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Jie Hou
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The CAFA challenge reports improved protein function prediction and new functional annotations for hundreds of genes through experimental screens
N Zhou, Y Jiang, TR Bergquist, AJ Lee, BZ Kacsoh, AW Crocker, ...
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DeepQA: improving the estimation of single protein model quality with deep belief networks
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DeepSF: deep convolutional neural network for mapping protein sequences to folds
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DNCON2: improved protein contact prediction using two-level deep convolutional neural networks
B Adhikari, J Hou, J Cheng
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Protein tertiary structure modeling driven by deep learning and contact distance prediction in CASP13
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QAcon: single model quality assessment using protein structural and contact information with machine learning techniques
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Blind prediction of homoand heteroprotein complexes: The CASP13CAPRI experiment
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Deep learning to predict protein backbone structure from high-resolution cryo-EM density maps
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Estimation of model accuracy in CASP13
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Bioinformatics methods for mass spectrometry-based proteomics data analysis
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Deep learning methods for protein torsion angle prediction
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Global impacts of chromosomal imbalance on gene expression in Arabidopsis and other taxa
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An overview of bioinformatics methods for modeling biological pathways in yeast
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An analysis and evaluation of the WeFold collaborative for protein structure prediction and its pipelines in CASP11 and CASP12
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Effects of aged garlic extract and FruArg on gene expression and signaling pathways in lipopolysaccharide-activated microglial cells
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DeepDist: real-value inter-residue distance prediction with deep residual convolutional network
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From analysis of ischemic mouse brain proteome to identification of human serum clusterin as a potential biomarker for severity of acute ischemic stroke
H Song, H Zhou, Z Qu, J Hou, W Chen, W Cai, Q Cheng, DY Chuang, ...
Translational stroke research 10 (5), 546-556, 2019
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