You Zhou
You Zhou
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A correlated nickelate synaptic transistor
J Shi, SD Ha, Y Zhou, F Schoofs, S Ramanathan
Nature communications 4, 2676, 2013
Strongly correlated perovskite fuel cells
Y Zhou, X Guan, H Zhou, K Ramadoss, S Adam, H Liu, S Lee, J Shi, ...
Nature 534, 231–234, 2016
Voltage-triggered ultrafast phase transition in vanadium dioxide switches
Y Zhou, X Chen, C Ko, Z Yang, C Mouli, S Ramanathan
IEEE Electron Device Letters 34 (2), 220-222, 2013
Probing dark excitons in atomically thin semiconductors via near-field coupling to surface plasmon polaritons
Y Zhou, G Scuri, DS Wild, AA High, A Dibos, LA Jauregui, C Shu, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 12, 856–860, 2017
Mott memory and neuromorphic devices
Y Zhou, S Ramanathan
Proceedings of the IEEE 103 (8), 1289 - 1310, 2015
Active optical metasurfaces based on defect-engineered phase-transition materials
J Rensberg, S Zhang, Y Zhou, AS McLeod, C Schwarz, M Goldflam, M Liu, ...
Nano Letters 16 (2), 1050–1055, 2016
Colossal resistance switching and band gap modulation in a perovskite nickelate by electron doping
J Shi*, Y Zhou*, S Ramanathan
Nature communications 5, 4860, 2014
Large excitonic reflectivity of monolayer MoSe encapsulated in hexagonal boron nitride
G Scuri, Y Zhou, AA High, DS Wild, C Shu, K De Greve, LA Jauregui, ...
Physical Review Letters 120 (3), 037402, 2018
Electrical control of interlayer exciton dynamics in atomically thin heterostructures
LA Jauregui, AY Joe, K Pistunova, DS Wild, AA High, Y Zhou, G Scuri, ...
Science 366 (6467), 870-875, 2019
Correlated electron materials and field effect transistors for logic: A review
Y Zhou, S Ramanathan
Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences 38 (4), 286, 2013
Electrical control of charged carriers and excitons in atomically thin materials
K Wang, K De Greve, LA Jauregui, A Sushko, A High, Y Zhou, G Scuri, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 13, 128-132, 2018
Electrical switching dynamics and broadband microwave characteristics of VO2 radio frequency devices
SD Ha, Y Zhou, CJ Fisher, S Ramanathan, JP Treadway
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (18), 184501, 2013
Dynamic control of light emission faster than the lifetime limit using VO phase-change
S Cueff, D Li, Y Zhou, FJ Wong, JA Kurvits, S Ramanathan, R Zia
Nature communications 6, 8636, 2015
Relaxation dynamics of ionic liquid—VO interfaces and influence in electric double-layer transistors
Y Zhou, S Ramanathan
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (8), 084508-7, 2012
Studies on room-temperature electric-field effect in ionic-liquid gated VO three-terminal devices
Z Yang, Y Zhou, S Ramanathan
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (1), 014506-5, 2012
Evolution of metallicity in vanadium dioxide by creation of oxygen vacancies
Z Zhang, F Zuo, C Wan, A Dutta, J Kim, J Rensberg, R Nawrodt, HH Park, ...
Physical Review Applied 7 (3), 034008, 2017
Epsilon-near-zero substrate engineering for ultrathin-film perfect absorbers
J Rensberg, Y Zhou, S Richter, C Wan, S Zhang, P Schöppe, ...
Physical Review Applied 8 (1), 014009, 2017
Correlated perovskites as a new platform for super-broadband-tunable photonics
Z Li, Y Zhou, H Qi, Q Pan, Z Zhang, NN Shi, M Lu, A Stein, CY Li, ...
Advanced Materials 28, 9117–9125, 2016
Tunable hyperbolic metamaterials utilizing phase change heterostructures
HNS Krishnamoorthy, Y Zhou, S Ramanathan, E Narimanov, VM Menon
Applied Physics Letters 104 (12), 121101, 2014
Quick switch: Strongly correlated electronic phase transition systems for cutting-edge microwave devices
SD Ha, Y Zhou, AE Duwel, DW White, S Ramanathan
IEEE Microwave Magazine 15 (6), 32-44, 2014
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