Ananta sarkar
Ananta sarkar
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Practical aqueous calcium-ion battery full-cells for future stationary storage
M Adil, A Sarkar, A Roy, MR Panda, A Nagendra, S Mitra
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (10), 11489-11503, 2020
Rechargeable sodium-ion battery: high-capacity ammonium vanadate cathode with enhanced stability at high rate
A Sarkar, S Sarkar, T Sarkar, P Kumar, MD Bharadwaj, S Mitra
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (31), 17044-17053, 2015
Exceptionally high sodium-ion battery cathode capacity based on doped ammonium vanadium oxide and a full cell SIB prototype study
A Sarkar, S Sarkar, S Mitra
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (47), 24929-24941, 2017
Hydrogen storage on graphene using Benkeser reaction
AK Sarkar, S Saha, S Ganguly, D Banerjee, K Kargupta
International journal of energy research 38 (14), 1889-1895, 2014
A Simple Approach to Minimize the First Cycle Irreversible Loss of Sodium Titanate Anode towards the Development of Sodium-Ion Battery
A Sarkar, CV Manohar, S Mitra
Nano Energy 70, 104520, 2020
Nanostructured vanadium tri-oxides, as a long life and high performance anode for sodium-ion battery
A Sarkar, AK Sinha, S Mitra
Electrochimica Acta 299, 914-925, 2019
Lithium assisted enhanced hydrogenation of reduced graphene oxide-PANI nanocomposite at room temperature
S Saha, M Mitra, A Sarkar, D Banerjee, S Ganguly, K Kargupta
Diamond and Related Materials 84, 103-111, 2018
Chemically sodiated ammonium vanadium oxide as a new generation high-performance cathode
A Sarkar, S Mitra
Journal of Power Sources 452, 227832, 2020
Free standing Cu2Te, new anode material for sodium-ion battery
A Sarkar, MM Mallick, MR Panda, S Vitta, S Mitra
AIP Conference Proceedings 1961 (1), 030032, 2018
Electrochemical investigation of MoTe2/rGO composite materials for sodium-ion battery application
MR Panda, A Sarkar, Q Bao, S Mitra
AIP Conference Proceedings 1961 (1), 030033, 2018
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Energy System
AK Sarkar
SodiumIon Battery FullCell Study with a Pseudocapacitive MoSe2Porous NDoped Carbon Composite Anode and Intercalated Sodium Vanadium …
A Roy, A Sarkar, M Adil, S Sau, N Abharana, S Mitra
Batteries & Supercaps 4 (6), 978-988, 2021
High-Potential Cathode for Sodium-Ion Battery
A Sarkar, P Raj, MR Panda, S Mitra
Advances in Energy Research, Vol. 1: Selected Papers from ICAER 2017, 371, 2020
Sodium-Ion Battery and Method of Preparation Ammonium Vanadium Oxide Cathode and Cell
A Sarkar, S Mitra
IN Patent App. 201,921,017,610, 2019
Method of Preparation of Doped Sodium Titanium Oxide Anode and Approach to Reduce the First Cycle Irreversible Loss
A Sarkar, S Mitra
IN Patent App. 201,921,017,609, 2019
Metal Doped Ammonium Vanadium Oxide Cathode with Exceptionally Discharge Capacity for Sodium-Ion Battery Fabrication
A Sarkar, S Mitra
ECS Meeting Abstracts, 410, 2018
Hydrogen Storage Material: Synthesis And Characterization Of Graphene/Pani Nano-Composite
KK A. Sarkar, S. Saha, M. Mitra, D. Banerjee, S. Ganguly
International Conference on Advancements in Polymeric Materials-2014 144 …, 2014
Performance Enhancement Of Fuel Cell System Using Inorganic Organic Nanocomposite Membrane And Graphene Supported Platinum Nanocatalyst based Electrode
PSG Shubhanwita Saha, C.K. Dhole, B. Kamila, A. k. Sarkar, Kajari Kargupta
National Conference on Sustainable Development through Innovative Research …, 2012
Rechargeable Sodium-Ion Battery: High-Capacity Ammonium Vanadate Cathode with Enhanced Stability at High Rate
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