Sébastien Cueff
Sébastien Cueff
CNRS Researcher, Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon
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Resistive switching in silicon suboxide films
A Mehonic, S Cueff, M Wojdak, S Hudziak, O Jambois, C Labbé, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (7), 074507, 2012
Quantum conductance in silicon oxide resistive memory devices
A Mehonic, A Vrajitoarea, S Cueff, S Hudziak, H Howe, C Labbe, R Rizk, ...
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1-8, 2013
Electrically tailored resistance switching in silicon oxide
A Mehonic, S Cueff, M Wojdak, S Hudziak, R Rizk, AJ Kenyon
Nanotechnology 23 (45), 455201, 2012
Dynamic control of light emission faster than the lifetime limit using VO 2 phase-change
S Cueff, D Li, Y Zhou, FJ Wong, JA Kurvits, S Ramanathan, R Zia
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-6, 2015
Symmetry breaking in photonic crystals: On-demand dispersion from flatband to Dirac cones
HS Nguyen, F Dubois, T Deschamps, S Cueff, A Pardon, JL Leclercq, ...
Physical review letters 120 (6), 066102, 2018
Quantifying and controlling the magnetic dipole contribution to 1.5− μ m light emission in erbium-doped yttrium oxide
D Li, M Jiang, S Cueff, CM Dodson, S Karaveli, R Zia
Physical Review B 89 (16), 161409, 2014
Electro-Optical Modulation Based on Pockels Effect in BaTiO3With a Multi-Domain Structure
P Castera, AM Gutierrez, D Tulli, S Cueff, R Orobtchouk, PR Romeo, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 28 (9), 990-993, 2016
Modeling the anisotropic electro-optic interaction in hybrid silicon-ferroelectric optical modulator
X Hu, S Cueff, PR Romeo, R Orobtchouk
Optics express 23 (2), 1699-1714, 2015
Electroluminescence efficiencies of erbium in silicon-based hosts
S Cueff, J Manel Ramírez, JA Kurvits, Y Berencén, R Zia, B Garrido, ...
Applied Physics Letters 103 (19), 191109, 2013
Investigation of emitting centers in codoped with silicon nanoclusters and ions by cathodoluminescence technique
S Cueff, C Labbé, B Dierre, F Fabbri, T Sekiguchi, X Portier, R Rizk
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (11), 113504, 2010
Efficient energy transfer from Si-nanoclusters to Er ions in silica induced by substrate heating during deposition
S Cueff, C Labbé, J Cardin, JL Doualan, L Khomenkova, K Hijazi, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (6), 064302, 2010
Thickness-dependent optimization of Er 3+ light emission from silicon-rich silicon oxide thin films
S Cueff, C Labbé, O Jambois, B Garrido, X Portier, R Rizk
Nanoscale research letters 6 (1), 1-6, 2011
Structural factors impacting carrier transport and electroluminescence from Si nanocluster-sensitized Er ions
S Cueff, C Labbé, O Jambois, Y Berencén, AJ Kenyon, B Garrido, R Rizk
Optics express 20 (20), 22490-22502, 2012
Silicon-rich oxynitride hosts for 1.5 μm Er3+ emission fabricated by reactive and standard RF magnetron sputtering
S Cueff, C Labbé, L Khomenkova, O Jambois, P Pellegrino, B Garrido, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 177 (10), 725-728, 2012
Photon cutting for excitation of Er 3+ ions in SiO 2 sensitized by Si quantum dots
NN Ha, S Cueff, K Dohnalová, MT Trinh, C Labbé, R Rizk, IN Yassievich, ...
Physical Review B 84 (24), 241308, 2011
Single artificial atoms in silicon emitting at telecom wavelengths
W Redjem, A Durand, T Herzig, A Benali, S Pezzagna, J Meijer, ...
Nature Electronics 3 (12), 738-743, 2020
Low-loss and compact silicon rib waveguide bends
A Brimont, X Hu, S Cueff, PR Romeo, G Saint Girons, A Griol, A Zanzi, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 28 (3), 299-302, 2015
VO2 nanophotonics
S Cueff, J John, Z Zhang, J Parra, J Sun, R Orobtchouk, S Ramanathan, ...
APL Photonics 5 (11), 110901, 2020
Tailoring the local density of optical states and directionality of light emission by symmetry breaking
S Cueff, F Dubois, MSR Huang, D Li, R Zia, X Letartre, P Viktorovitch, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 25 (3), 1-7, 2019
Probing the combined electromagnetic local density of optical states with quantum emitters supporting strong electric and magnetic transitions
D Li, S Karaveli, S Cueff, W Li, R Zia
Physical review letters 121 (22), 227403, 2018
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