Tomaz Mertelj
Tomaz Mertelj
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Ultrafast switching to a stable hidden quantum state in an electronic crystal
L Stojchevska, I Vaskivskyi, T Mertelj, P Kusar, D Svetin, S Brazovskii, ...
Science 344 (6180), 177-180, 2014
Coherent dynamics of macroscopic electronic order through a symmetry breaking transition
R Yusupov, T Mertelj, VV Kabanov, S Brazovskii, P Kusar, JH Chu, ...
Nature Physics 6 (9), 681-684, 2010
Electron-phonon coupling in high-temperature cuprate superconductors determined from electron relaxation rates
C Gadermaier, AS Alexandrov, VV Kabanov, P Kusar, T Mertelj, X Yao, ...
Physical review letters 105 (25), 257001, 2010
Fast electronic resistance switching involving hidden charge density wave states
I Vaskivskyi, IA Mihailovic, S Brazovskii, J Gospodaric, T Mertelj, D Svetin, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-6, 2016
Controlled vaporization of the superconducting condensate in cuprate superconductors by femtosecond photoexcitation
P Kusar, VV Kabanov, J Demsar, T Mertelj, S Sugai, D Mihailovic
Physical review letters 101 (22), 227001, 2008
Controlling the metal-to-insulator relaxation of the metastable hidden quantum state in 1T-TaS2
I Vaskivskyi, J Gospodaric, S Brazovskii, D Svetin, P Sutar, E Goreshnik, ...
Science advances 1 (6), e1500168, 2015
Distinct pseudogap and quasiparticle relaxation dynamics in the superconducting state of nearly optimally doped SmFeAsO 0.8 F 0.2 single crystals
T Mertelj, VV Kabanov, C Gadermaier, ND Zhigadlo, S Katrych, ...
Physical review letters 102 (11), 117002, 2009
Single-Particle and Collective Mode Couplings Associated with 1-and 2-Directional Electronic Ordering in Metallic R Te 3 (R= Ho, Dy, Tb)
RV Yusupov, T Mertelj, JH Chu, IR Fisher, D Mihailovic
Physical review letters 101 (24), 246402, 2008
Anomalous shifts of oxygen-mode frequencies in La 2− x Sr x CuO 4, YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7− δ and Tl 2 Ba 2 Ca 1− x Gd x Cu 2 O 8 studied by photoinduced infrared absorption and Raman …
D Mihailović, CM Foster, KF Voss, T Mertelj, I Poberaj, N Herron
Physical Review B 44 (1), 237, 1991
Charge Photogeneration in FewLayer MoS2
T Borzda, C Gadermaier, N Vujicic, P Topolovsek, M Borovsak, T Mertelj, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (22), 3351-3358, 2015
Quasiparticle relaxation dynamics in spin-density-wave and superconducting SmFeAsO 1− x F x single crystals
T Mertelj, P Kusar, VV Kabanov, L Stojchevska, ND Zhigadlo, S Katrych, ...
Physical Review B 81 (22), 224504, 2010
Charged particles on a two-dimensional lattice subject to anisotropic Jahn-teller interactions
T Mertelj, VV Kabanov, D Mihailovic
Physical review letters 94 (14), 147003, 2005
Spin polarised electrodes for organic light emitting diodes
I Bergenti, V Dediu, E Arisi, T Mertelj, M Murgia, A Riminucci, G Ruani, ...
Organic electronics 5 (6), 309-314, 2004
Electron-phonon coupling and the charge gap of spin-density wave iron-pnictide materials from quasiparticle relaxation dynamics
L Stojchevska, P Kusar, T Mertelj, VV Kabanov, X Lin, GH Cao, ZA Xu, ...
Physical Review B 82 (1), 012505, 2010
a− b plane optical conductivity in YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7− δ above and below T
D Mihailovic, T Mertelj, KA Müller
Physical Review B 57 (10), 6116, 1998
Doping dependence of femtosecond quasiparticle relaxation dynamics in Ba (Fe, Co) 2 As 2 single crystals: Evidence for normal-state nematic fluctuations
L Stojchevska, T Mertelj, JH Chu, IR Fisher, D Mihailovic
Physical Review B 86 (2), 024519, 2012
Mechanisms of nonthermal destruction of the superconducting state and melting of the charge-density-wave state by femtosecond laser pulses
L Stojchevska, P Kusar, T Mertelj, VV Kabanov, Y Toda, X Yao, ...
Physical Review B 84 (18), 180507, 2011
Vortex-antivortex configurations and its stability in a mesoscopic superconducting square
T Mertelj, VV Kabanov
Physical Review B 67 (13), 134527, 2003
Incoherent Topological Defect Recombination Dynamics in
T Mertelj, P Kusar, VV Kabanov, P Giraldo-Gallo, IR Fisher, D Mihailovic
Physical review letters 110 (15), 156401, 2013
Rotational symmetry breaking in Bi 2 Sr 2 CaCu 2 O 8+ δ probed by polarized femtosecond spectroscopy
Y Toda, F Kawanokami, T Kurosawa, M Oda, I Madan, T Mertelj, ...
Physical Review B 90 (9), 094513, 2014
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