Sudipta Dutta
Sudipta Dutta
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Intrinsic half-metallicity in modified graphene nanoribbons
S Dutta, AK Manna, SK Pati
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Novel properties of graphene nanoribbons: a review
S Dutta, SK Pati
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Uptake of H2 and CO2 by Graphene
A Ghosh, KS Subrahmanyam, KS Krishna, S Datta, A Govindaraj, SK Pati, ...
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Half-metallicity in undoped and boron doped graphene nanoribbons in the presence of semilocal exchange-correlation interactions
S Dutta, SK Pati
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Self-Limiting Layer-by-Layer Oxidation of Atomically Thin WSe2
M Yamamoto, S Dutta, S Aikawa, S Nakaharai, K Wakabayashi, ...
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Electron-Electron Interactions on the Edge States of Graphene: A Many Body Configuration Interaction Study
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Molecular electronics: effect of external electric field
S Lakshmi, S Dutta, SK Pati
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Edge reconstructions induce magnetic and metallic behavior in zigzag graphene nanoribbons
S Dutta, SK Pati
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Tuning Charge and Spin Excitations in Zigzag Edge Nanographene Ribbons
S Dutta, K Wakabayashi
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Assembly of trinuclear and tetranuclear building units of Cu 2+ towards two 1D magnetic systems: synthesis and magneto-structural correlations
A Chakraborty, KL Gurunatha, A Muthulakshmi, S Dutta, SK Pati, TK Maji
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EndOn Nitrogen Insertion of a Diazo Compound into a Germanium (II) Hydrogen Bond and a Comparable Reaction with Diethyl Azodicarboxylate
A Jana, SS Sen, HW Roesky, C Schulzke, S Dutta, SK Pati
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 48 (23), 4246-4248, 2009
Magnetization due to localized states on graphene grain boundary
S Dutta, K Wakabayashi
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Comparative study of electron conduction in azulene and naphthalene
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Momentum shift of Dirac cones in the silicene-intercalated compound CaSi 2
S Dutta, K Wakabayashi
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Effect of electric field on one-dimensional insulators: a density matrix renormalization group study
S Dutta, S Lakshmi, SK Pati
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Soluble Molecular Dimers of CaO and SrO Stabilized by a Lewis Acid
SP Sarish, S Nembenna, HW Roesky, H Ott, A Pal, D Stalke, S Dutta, ...
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SixC1-xO2 alloys: A possible route to stabilize carbon-based silica-like solids?
A Aravindh, A Arkundato, S Barman, S Baroni, BL Bhargava, ...
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Anomalous energy-gap behaviour of armchair BC3 ribbons due to enhanced π-conjugation
S Dutta, K Wakabayashi
Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012
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